Havin’ a COLD?

Merlijn Wolsink - having a cold - fluOh Joy. I’ve been pretty entertained over the last couple of days! My sweet body has been a little under the weather. This one hit me hard and believe me or not: I’ve been on the couch, making my body comfi and not doing a lot, except sleeping and watching some tv. Actually, that’s really nothing for me, especially now my business is up and running nicely.

I remember I used to -unconsciously- make my body sick when I was doing things I did not enjoy doing. A nice excuse and a clever way to NOT do what I ‘had to do’ or to procrastinate… ‘Cause: “I’m sick” 😉 Again, we are WAY more powerful than we think…

This was a little different. Only a couple of hours I did get some work done on my computer, until my fingertips would start hurting, body kinda saying “Now you put that darn electric thing away! We need some space dude! Aren’t you listening yet?!?” Lol. Smart body.

Do you recognize those moments when you feel ‘it’ come into your body? Eh… I mean ‘the cold’ of ‘the flu’…? 😉 Or… whatever it really is…? I discovered its mainly just energies I pick up from my surroundings, which are mostly various kinds of energies all mixed up: sickness, depression, judgments, chemical energies, etc…

Have you noticed that most of the ‘colds’ or ‘sicknesses’ you have ever had, were never exactly the same?

When these energies are prevailing around you, they can have a HUGE impact on your body IF you are letting them take a run with you.
AND if you are not totally aware of and controlling the healing capacities you and your body have AND simply… your awareness of the people and bodies around you, you might have been making your body more sick than necessary… 🙂

What else is possible?

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten so fast at processing this kinda stuff that my body doesn’t even have to get ‘sick’ or ‘have a cold’. And If I notice my body does pick up on it -can be an old pattern or simply: my awareness of other people and their bodies- and I apply a couple of tools, it’s usually out, processed and gone in like 15/30 minutes. ‘Cause: Access tools for do work like magic.

If I “return all of that to sender, with consciousness attached”, all that energy can just go away, leave my body and I don’t even have to tell my body to get ‘sick’.

I’ve had times when I picked up on a cold and my body was already showing symptoms. A drippy nose or something. After doing some clearings and returning it to sender, all the stages of a usual human ‘cold’ came by in half an hour in stead of a week. That was really kinda funny… Imagine: 8 different kinda sneezes, coughs, gargles and burbles in only 30 minutes, and BOOM: Out of my body, like speeding up the process and recovery.

I’ve seen this with my friends and clients too: at first they thought it was getting worse, while actually their bodies were healing a rapid speed. ‘Cold’ gone.

Whatever it was for me this time… What was right about it I’m not getting? I’ve gotten through it and Body’s feeling better now!
I actually felt really rejuvenated during my fitness work out today, like I’ve gotten though some old YUK that was still lingering around.
And… Concerning this was the first time in 3 years that I had something like this… Pretty cool job, I say so myself 🙂

Anyway, the moral of this long story:
If you feel a cold come up and you want to change it: “Uncreate and Destroy everywhere I’m making it mine, everywhere I have ever bought as mine and I Return it all to Sender, with Consciousness attached!” and allow it to leave your body.

How does it get even better?

Points of view about the weather and other stuff…

Out in the glorious Vondelpark in Amsterdam I wonder what to write today.

It’s so funny to see that the whole world seems to light up when to sun comes out. All of a sudden everybody is happier. It’s almost like the whole earth has sworn an oath to be depressed and heavy when its dark and cold and to be happy when it’s lighter and warmer… LOL! How does it get better than that?

And the ones that haven’t agreed on that, just seem to remain unseen between that charged mass of people, experiencing yet another dark and cold winter, suffering until the first rays of spring sun show themselves…

I probably couldn’t get more poetic than this… could I? 😉

The birds don’t seem to care wether it’s cold or warm. Have you ever seen a unhappy bird flying around? Or is that how humankind would look at it?
I do have to admit that I’m a huge fan of the game “Angry Birds” and find it highly entertaining…

However, birds and animals in general just relocate if they would like to go elsewhere.
Regardless if its right or wrong, they just do what works for them…
Now that’s choice to Be and Do what you would like! l’ll have some of that please! 😀

Anyway… Does that spring/winter thing have to do with that invented mutual agreement of unhappiness when there is rain and no sun?
Is it the Energy of that? That what we don’t really see, nobody seems to be able to grasp and work with? What we feel and are aware of 24 hours a day…?

I even notice that the people that DO enjoy all of life, get agitated by people who abundantly express their relief of finally seeing the sun again. Something like: “Oh lord… there goes the happy spring madness again… Hello!? The sun and other amazingly beautiful things have been here all freaking winter as well! Look around! Where were you for heaven’s sake!?” Kinda funny…

Is it the Energy of what the sun and the green on the trees provide?
I wonder… I really do like it when the trees are green and blossoming. It does make me happy 🙂Greentree&BlossomBanner

Is it just more comfortable for our bodies to be warm? I notice mine does like to be warm…
Some bodies I know even like the weather to be cold or a little more chilly. That’s funny… Mine does too, at times 🙂

I know my point of view creates my reality 🙂
Does yours do the same for you?

The way I would like to see my life, determines how it will show up for me. I pretty much ask and receive.
Maybe not in 5 minutes, though ever since I started looking at it like this, things have changed majorly.

Notice I’m not using the word ‘dramatically’, which I probably would have used before…
Ey… I come from theatre after all 😉 I still love a little DRAMA, though rather as a  conscious choice in stead of a continuous and totally unconscious way of being, that has created my life before. My point of view did create my reality. Cute, not very bright.

I wonder how many points of view actually keep us from enjoying all seasons, to feel good and to be happy all days of the week and anytime each day…

Do you dislike or maybe even hate spring, summer, autumn, winter, hot, warm, cold, weekdays or weekends?4seasons banner

Have you noticed that its most likely the same every year, or every Monday you go to work again after a glorious, free weekend? Of course that would for the ones that work a 9 to 5 job… What I’m actually writing about is those life patterns we all seem to have.
Does the point of view that we do or don’t really like something, actually let’s us create the same thing over and over again?

If that works for you, whatever it is: awesome, keep on doing that 🙂
If it doesn’t: what could you change that would make it more fun?

Some actually enjoy what other don’t enjoy…
Interesting huh? Everybody is different.
It all just seems to be an interesting point of view.
Foto op 27-04-2012 om 21.47
What points of view do you have, creating your reality?
What would you like your life to Be like?

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