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I love giving sessions ✨

Playing with energy and molecules… Facilitating people to break free from tightness, release locked up tension, freeing up the space around and between the molecules of their body… letting the joy and magic come back, live and expand…

1915671_10153301671220736_3101409282246323705_nSo grateful for what they receive and ask for!

If you would like a session for greater connection to you, your body, the earth, the universe and your own creativity… reach out to me ✨😉👏🏻

What else is possible?
What more can you receive?

“Wow, what a space! A mega shift really! This is totally new to me… It’s like so much old crap is gone and my spine is rearranging itself… Thank you Merlijn!”

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Kill or the Be Killed?

Kill or be killed? Merlijn WolsinkWOW. I nearly killed someone today! And nearly got killed…

People think I’m a sweet guy. I am. And… people have tried to kill my sweetness from early age on, by being mean or trying to hurt me with their evil. They still try to… And I have changed.
Read my experience of 1,5 hours ago below…

Between my in person sessions in Rotterdam today I was sitting on a park bench in a park around the corner, having another coaching call, wearing my mobile headset. A bit of sun and a bit of shade. Wonderful.

Then three end 20 year old guys walked by, spreading some wonky energy across the field. Do you recognize evil, danger or insanity when it’s present? Yes. If you are willing to see it. I was and I knew I had to be aware.

The first two just walked by kinda looking at and ignoring me. The last one stood next to me and asked me if he could have my phone. I said “No my friend, I’m in the middle of a business call, please move on, thank you”. Then he got angry, said he was not my friend and didn’t have anything to do with my business, yada yada yada… “Just give me your fucking phone” and he pulled out a knife

I told my client to hold on for a second…

Before, I would have ran away… Now I have tools and awareness to deal with this. I gathered all the energy that I had available to me, I stood up intenser and greater than ever, I made my eyes fire up and my body ready to rumble, kill if necessary and I did an energetic demon clearing process, all at the same time in about 5 seconds. This was new to me…

Have you ever seen a lioness protect her cub? Well… I teach my clients to be bigger and greater than the insanity that surrounds them or whatever they encounter and there I was: eye in eye with a guy that was apparently willing to hurt and kill me for my phone… and I was willing to kill him first.
Surprise! Even for me…
Nobody f***ing kills or hurts me or my body for anything.

So, the second I stood up, not even carrying a knife but with the energy I was going to deliver at him, I said “Back the f*** up, cause I will kill you first”. He got intrigued, backed up and got confused.
The other guys came to the rescue, I guess they saw I meant it even without weapon. My whole body was vibrating like crazy… I think I never had so much intensity coursing through my body as if I could explode in just a couple of seconds. They told him to come along and said to me: “Please calm down, you know better than this, please don’t hurt him” LOL. Really? He put his knife away, still tried to burn my eye out with his cigarette, but his hand didn’t even make it close to my face.

They walked away. I shaked it off and continued my coaching call with my client that was somewhat surprised and silent as my headset had not moved away from my mouth.

Even though I was buzzing a little bit, I wasn’t even upset and kinda amazed to where I’ve come over the last years.
I had actually been willing to save myself and totally choose ME.

Don’t be a victim. Be Aware.
You have to be the energy that changes a situation.
Sometimes you gotta be willing to kill, even though you won’t have to.
Not your fear but your awareness and energetic capacities will keep you and your body safe.

How about this for self-defense and protection of your and your body?
How does it get better than this?

And by the way: No worries, I’m totally ok!

#TrueStory #BeAware #UnleashYourOwnWizard

*** Part 2 ***

Thanks to everyone for the heartwarming and caring messages!

I’m glad too my body is still alive and I wonder if I would have even encountered this if I would not be able to deal with this. Everything at the moment seems to be rising to extremes…
Funny, with the ‘work’ I ‘do’ I seem to kinda catalyze changes everywhere I go and its getting stronger every day. I got to discover some power, potency and presence that I didn’t know I had and If it would have been the best action to run away, I would have probably done so…

Sometimes in instantaneous ‘knowing’ you just know something else is required. I wondered what Change I have created in that guys universe?
Who knows what has been going on in his life? This reality can be so sad, dark and malevolent. And yes, you got to be aware of what you are dealing with, so you can choose to create a change in the moment.
So many people grow up in and with unkindness and violence and you may encounter those broken and distorted souls everywhere you go. That’s no excuse, it’s just reality.

No fear required, just awareness. No “be careful” just “be aware and out-create that moment” Do or be what is needed. I sincerely wish him more possibilities and a greater life beyond pulling a knife to get something he probably doesn’t even really want.

What would it be like to Create a reality and world worth living in?

Points of view about the weather and other stuff…

Out in the glorious Vondelpark in Amsterdam I wonder what to write today.

It’s so funny to see that the whole world seems to light up when to sun comes out. All of a sudden everybody is happier. It’s almost like the whole earth has sworn an oath to be depressed and heavy when its dark and cold and to be happy when it’s lighter and warmer… LOL! How does it get better than that?

And the ones that haven’t agreed on that, just seem to remain unseen between that charged mass of people, experiencing yet another dark and cold winter, suffering until the first rays of spring sun show themselves…

I probably couldn’t get more poetic than this… could I? 😉

The birds don’t seem to care wether it’s cold or warm. Have you ever seen a unhappy bird flying around? Or is that how humankind would look at it?
I do have to admit that I’m a huge fan of the game “Angry Birds” and find it highly entertaining…

However, birds and animals in general just relocate if they would like to go elsewhere.
Regardless if its right or wrong, they just do what works for them…
Now that’s choice to Be and Do what you would like! l’ll have some of that please! 😀

Anyway… Does that spring/winter thing have to do with that invented mutual agreement of unhappiness when there is rain and no sun?
Is it the Energy of that? That what we don’t really see, nobody seems to be able to grasp and work with? What we feel and are aware of 24 hours a day…?

I even notice that the people that DO enjoy all of life, get agitated by people who abundantly express their relief of finally seeing the sun again. Something like: “Oh lord… there goes the happy spring madness again… Hello!? The sun and other amazingly beautiful things have been here all freaking winter as well! Look around! Where were you for heaven’s sake!?” Kinda funny…

Is it the Energy of what the sun and the green on the trees provide?
I wonder… I really do like it when the trees are green and blossoming. It does make me happy 🙂Greentree&BlossomBanner

Is it just more comfortable for our bodies to be warm? I notice mine does like to be warm…
Some bodies I know even like the weather to be cold or a little more chilly. That’s funny… Mine does too, at times 🙂

I know my point of view creates my reality 🙂
Does yours do the same for you?

The way I would like to see my life, determines how it will show up for me. I pretty much ask and receive.
Maybe not in 5 minutes, though ever since I started looking at it like this, things have changed majorly.

Notice I’m not using the word ‘dramatically’, which I probably would have used before…
Ey… I come from theatre after all 😉 I still love a little DRAMA, though rather as a  conscious choice in stead of a continuous and totally unconscious way of being, that has created my life before. My point of view did create my reality. Cute, not very bright.

I wonder how many points of view actually keep us from enjoying all seasons, to feel good and to be happy all days of the week and anytime each day…

Do you dislike or maybe even hate spring, summer, autumn, winter, hot, warm, cold, weekdays or weekends?4seasons banner

Have you noticed that its most likely the same every year, or every Monday you go to work again after a glorious, free weekend? Of course that would for the ones that work a 9 to 5 job… What I’m actually writing about is those life patterns we all seem to have.
Does the point of view that we do or don’t really like something, actually let’s us create the same thing over and over again?

If that works for you, whatever it is: awesome, keep on doing that 🙂
If it doesn’t: what could you change that would make it more fun?

Some actually enjoy what other don’t enjoy…
Interesting huh? Everybody is different.
It all just seems to be an interesting point of view.
Foto op 27-04-2012 om 21.47
What points of view do you have, creating your reality?
What would you like your life to Be like?
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