On the morning rush…

Huh! Interesting…

While on the way for an appointment in Rotterdam, I’m on the train in the business work morning rush, roughly between 8-9.30 am.

Ever since I moved back from New York to The Netherlands, I didn’t really like to be in any of the rushes at all… All those people wearing suits and carrying suitcases, ladies on high heels, or on sneakers with high heels in their purse, cell phone with headset present, rushing to go to work and mainly: full of action for a new day on the job. Ready to go.
In NYC I could perfectly deal with being in the morning rush. After a couple of month of living there I started liking it, realizing this action energy was actually fun to be in and play with. It’s just how lots of people function there. It’s the speed and intensity of living, creating life and business. That what most come to NY for… As Liza Minnelli and Frank Sinatra sing: “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere! New York, New York!”

Funny enough looking back on the last years, I really kinda lacked this energy.  This Intensity. Funny, settling in a different energy, my whole life changed Of course there is plenty of action here, though its just different. And who did that belong to anyway…?
I usually missed the morning rush due to my work in theatre, mainly being on tour, coming home late at night. Meaning: I would still be asleep 🙂 so I figured I kinda had to look for this “ready to go to work and kick some ass!” energy…

What would it be like to get up each and actually tap into this energy of action and creation? Not out of “having to”, but out of choice and the fun of it.

Only Being in the morning rush gave me a kick in the pants! Our psychic abilities are so freaking powerful… If 99% of what we think, feel and perceive is actually from other people and things around us, why not use it to our advantage? In stead of picking up and taking over the headaches and heaviness of others, why not pick up their lightness, joyful intensity, action and just filter what works for us?

Anyway… Just some thoughts for more fun and playful living.

Enjoy whatever You choose! 🙂