Are You Carrying Your Family History And Issues On Your Back?

Merlijn Wolsink Family History IssuesHere’s another message of one of my AMAZING clients.
Sessions go wondrous ways and things show up you didn’t even consider to be taking up space, preventing you to live freely!

“So much has changed after the session with you last thursday.
Thank you so much! I’m feeling like a soft boiled egg, haha. Delicious!
I have kept on listening to the recording and that ONE molecule we turned has set some many things in movement… Phenomenal!

And… You asked me what I had made so vital about processing sensorial susceptibility…
As I’m playing with my knitting work, I notice that I’m feeling safer and I’m not being paranoid and hyper cautious (for danger…?) all the time. I don’t even have to doubt the fact that having my own awareness will always keep me safe at any time. I do no longer feel the urge to run away or escape to be safe… I realized that I had been carrying the war my family lived through on my back…! Not anymore! What a relief! Thank you so much!”

What is possible when you clear and change the energies of the past?
What future could you create without all that baggage?

Do You Have Healing Capacities You Are Not Aware Of?

Merlijn Wolsink Healing Capacities Magic Pain Ok my “healer” and “non healer” friends… WOW.
Once again today, I’ve seen A LOT of healers suffer from their own abilities, taking other peoples energetic garbage in their own bodies and be totally drained, stuffed and heavy at the end of the day.

I don’t even call myself “a healer”, even though I am – in my point of view, everyone IS  – and I’m SO freaking grateful I got to wipe out those systems of taking peoples trash – headaches, pains, energies, illnesses – into my body. Done with that shit. People kill their bodies with that you know?

If you are often tired, ill or in pain, you might as well get clear on if you are using certain capacities “to heal” against yourself. You don’t need to be a freggin significant “woo woo healer” to get clear on that. 

What capacities “to heal” yourself and others have you not acknowledged yet?

A healthy, clean and aware body requires a healthy, clear and aware being living in it and with it.
What would you rather be?
Healthy, Clear and Aware?
Or Suffering Pain and Illnesses?

Love you all my healer and “non healer” friends!  Take care of your bodies!
And… How does it get better?