Are you Loving the ‘work’ you do?

Merlijn Wolsink - Are you loving the work you do?People ask me a lot “Are you working today? Or are you free?”

I always wonder what to reply… Where are they coming from?
For most people that implies that it would be better to be ‘free’ and have fun than to ‘work’.

I noticed that for a lot of people ‘fun’ and ‘work’ don’t go together.
They even get confused when I say “I like to have business AND pleasure together”
“What??? Is that even possible…?”

My question: If you are not enjoying what you do and create in life, why the hell do it?
What’s the value of doing things that don’t make your life exciting?
What does upholding a job or anything else you don’t love – or maybe even hate – add to your life?

Last summer, I changed the word “working” to “creating”. That ‘works’ for me. LOL
I create my life, that includes business and generating money.
As soon as I perceive myself going in to “work” energy, I start asking questions and I will look at if I really enjoy that particular action of project.

I ask questions to empower my own awareness:

“What else is possible?”
“What am I aware of here?”
“Do I truly enjoy doing this?”
“If I choose to do this, will it truly expand my life”
“Is this new to me? Do I have to get used to this?”
“Can someone or something else do this for me?”
“If I choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years?”

I know, it took me a while to get my own spin on things, after working a ‘job’ in theatre, other laborious jobs where I needed to ‘work hard’ and doing things for other people.

I realized that ‘working’ a ‘job’ does not really match the sense of freedom I demand in my life.
Even if it pays a whoooooole lot of money… if it does not expand the energy of my life, I’m not game.

Would you need to be ‘free’ if you were creating the life you LOVE living?
Your body might need to chill out every once and a while… take a bath, go work out, dance, hit the sauna, take a walk, have sex or whatever nurtures your body.
AND if your Being, your Spirit loves what you are creating, you always have choice and you never ‘have to be free off work’. You are free.

IF you would be creating the life you love, what would you LOVE to do…?