15972777_10154039618675736_3478890812330784387_oToday I got home. Soaked from walking through the rain I stepped foot Into my house. I hang up my coat, turned on the lights, unpacked my suitcase, looked around and saw myself in the mirror: peaceful

Im happy

Loving my crazy ever expanding life, with all the good bad and ugly, in this sometimes insane world
Far from comfortable, yet amazing

So so grateful

Not saying this to brag. I don’t care if people think I need to prove that I’m happy.
Im saying it to Invite 😊

It’s possible

To be happier than most people choose to be

Happier than I once chose to be

Drinking this tea makes it even easier, and tastier too 😋

Gnite my friends

#ChoiceCreates #happy


What JOY can you BE…?

14202734_10153690829660736_8968226208327422613_nI wonder…?
And guess what… It’s a Choice my Sweet friends!

Just keep choosing it! Choice by choice… Moment by moment…

And what if we were not to judge ourselves for not being Joy and Happy all the time?

Just saying… 😉

Never give up!
YOUR choice will create!


#choosejoy #choosehappy #choicebychoice#liftyouup

Healthy and Happy Body

14022275_10153663579085736_374947979464980990_nWanna fly? High…?

Take your Body along for the ride 😉💪🏻

What’s not to say and to know about this…?

After pretty good year, it feels like I have a totally new body that supports me in so many ways… Strong, happy and healthy.

It’s showing me so much, about having ease and peace with all of life.

When I’m having a ‘not so happy’ moment, there’s always my body, totally overriding any unhappiness. With it’s buzzing feet, it’s moving molecules and non judgment.

It’s not new to me. I have been really enjoying it as most of you might know


And I’m acknowledging and receiving it more and more and more… every single day. And it grows! It keeps on growing the more I notice it. This co-creation thing is so amazing!

What if having a healthy body starts with a having a happy body?

What judgments about it… could you loose…?

#bodyloving #healthy #happy #body #embodiment

Het voornaamste ingrediënt… voor ‘HAPPY’

13775533_10153586924695736_8892563475002914147_nHallo lieve mensen!

Het was zo LICHT vandaag, ik moest mijn trashy nieuwe blauwe zonnebril wel ophouden 😎😂

Ik hou van de RUIMTE waarin ik deze dagen leef… mijn dagelijkse duik in de zee, work-out of het strand… Lezen, beluisteren van TeleCalls die al zo lang klaarlagen om te luisteren… en ik ben VERLIEFD op mijn sessies aan het strand! 💛

Het leuke aan het online of telefonisch coachen van mensen is… je kan het overal doen!

Mijn cliënten inspireren mij ook om te blijven kiezen wat LICHT is voor mij… dat wat die RUIMTE van mogelijkheden heeft… omdat DAT hetgeen is wat het gaat creëren voor mijn toekomst

Wie wil er wat van wat ik heb?

Het voornaamste ‘geheime’ ingredient is: Keuze

Keuze, lieve vrienden
Het is krachtige tool

Wat het ook is…
Maak keuzes in de richting van de energie en de dromen die jij wilt leven en creëren
En blijf kiezen…

En geeft nooit op, ook wanneer het even donker is… Ook dat gaat weer voorbij. Ook daar kom je doorheen 😉

Een ander ingredient is… Kies wat jou BLIJ maakt ✨
Want niemand kan en zal dat voor jou doen

Wat weet jij dat er mogelijk is?


The Main Ingredient… for HAPPY

13775533_10153586924695736_8892563475002914147_nHello lovely folks!

It was SO light and BRIGHT today, I had to keep my new blue trailer trash glasses on 😎😂

Gotta love the SPACE I am these days… my daily swim in the sea, my daily work out in the sand… Reading, listening to calls I never had the chance to listen to… and I LOVE my sessions at the beach! 💛

The fun with coaching people online or through the phone is… You can do it from anywhere! 😄☀️💸🏊🏼

They as well truly inspire me to keep on choosing what is LIGHT for me…
That which has this SPACE of possibilities to it…

Cause THAT is what it will create for my future

WHO else would LOVE to have some of what I’m having?

The main ‘secret’ ingredient is: Choice

Choice my sweet friends
It’s a powerful tool

Whatever it is…
Make choices towards the energy and the dreams you would like to live and create
And keep on choosing…

And never give up, even when it gets dark for a while… That too shall pass. You’ll get through it 😉

And another ingredient is… Choose what makes you HAPPY  Cause no one else can or will do that for you

What do you know is possible?

Great evening friends…