Changing from Greatness

Merlijn Wolsink - What if change never implies that you are wrong?What if CHANGE never implies that you are wrong?

What is ones natural way to be? Solid and stuck? Or moving and changing?

Do the molecules of the air change?
Do the molecules of your body move and change, even when you are asleep?
Does your mind ever really stop wondering?
Is your being ever not changing?

Most people only consider change to be a possibility if there is something ‘wrong’, and take that as a motivation to access their own power to change.

What if disease, unhappiness, depression and so on, actually are nothing like they seem to be?
What if all of those have to do with certain abilities that everyone has, which our reality hasn’t really shown us how to deal with?

If you have a capacity to change the depression, pain and disease in the people around you… What happens if you are not totally aware of that…?

What if changing is a capacity?
What if there never has to be anything ‘wrong’ with you to choose to change?
Where are you already being the energy of CHANGE, that you have not acknowledged yet?

What if change actually could imply that you are GREAT…?

If change were an endless possibility into greatness… What would you change right now?

And let me add: change for the joy of it…?