A moment of Gratitude ✨

You know… It makes me the happiest person to know that people who I’ve known for years and hardly ever talk to are actually are asking the very questions in their life that I LIVE by.

Next to my amazing clients and class participants, the people in my Facebook feed, friends of friends and beyond, actually have started to include “What else is possible?” and “How does it get better than this?” in stead of “This is just the way it it” or “This is how it’s gonna be”, “I cannot change this”

For themselves, their bodies, their loved ones, in daily life and severe or emergency situations. To not hang around in “not possible” but to open up, to create and the list goes on…

I got these hints from all over the place over the last couple of weeks and months in many different ways and situations, messages, tags, stories… so light and fast that I hadn’t really received it yet, and actually it only just clicked in this afternoon… And it fucking touched me.

For a couple of seconds I was totally overwhelmed. I stood there in the gym and I cried. So much gratitude. In between my sets… lol.

I’ve been ‘doing’ this for 6 years now. I’ve so often felt like I was screaming in the desert, like one would hear me or be interested at all.

I’ve learned to not enforce my questions on people that don’t ask for it, to be kind and not give more than can be received.

And I’ve kept on being it, posting it and making it available.

And it’s showing up. It’s actually showing up and becoming reality.

I know when people require it, they will actually find it and use it.
Cause these questions, make a lifetime of a difference.

Thank you. For choosing. For asking.

What else is possible now?


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Grateful – Morning Gratitude

Oh good morning everyone

Grateful for great night sleeps, long and short
Grateful for my body, waking up fresh and ready for the day, each day
Grateful for my home and bed that comfort my body so much
Grateful for this view each morning when I wake up at home
Grateful for the planet, the beach and sea I get to enjoy
Grateful for the people in my life I get to contribute to
Grateful for the people in my life that have my back
Grateful for mom being with me, creating and organizing more and more with me
Grateful for being alive and the adventure of living
Grateful for the space of no judgment that keeps on increasing everywhere
Grateful for so much more I cannot even begin to describe!

What magic and wonder awaits today my friends?

Tears of gratitude – Choice to LIVE

15723509_10153983694430736_1370321444201206072_o“You changed my whole being in 30 minutes, just being you. And I’ve seen you like unicorns 😊

Im having a bit of a hard time keeping up with all the thank you messages I’m receiving these days. Out of discretion I hardly put any of m online and when coming home today this handmade unicorn 🦄 was in my mailbox… from such a sweet being I had the absolute honor to change the life of , on suïcide prevention day, last September. It’s too cute not to share!
I think you know who you are… 😉👍🏻👊🏻💫

Tears of gratitude! I knew I had to do this.
So grateful I can facilitate people to choose life and to choose to live!

Thank You! 🙏🏻
Isnt life Amazing…?

And my Unicorn collection is growing 🎉

Gnite sweet friends



15972777_10154039618675736_3478890812330784387_oToday I got home. Soaked from walking through the rain I stepped foot Into my house. I hang up my coat, turned on the lights, unpacked my suitcase, looked around and saw myself in the mirror: peaceful

Im happy

Loving my crazy ever expanding life, with all the good bad and ugly, in this sometimes insane world
Far from comfortable, yet amazing

So so grateful

Not saying this to brag. I don’t care if people think I need to prove that I’m happy.
Im saying it to Invite 😊

It’s possible

To be happier than most people choose to be

Happier than I once chose to be

Drinking this tea makes it even easier, and tastier too 😋

Gnite my friends

#ChoiceCreates #happy


Creation all around…

14199248_10153698504400736_8191030736662589497_nFull on creation day and still going.

Awesome Bars Exchange in between and enjoying a glass of wine at the fire with my laptop, such dear friends


Enjoying what all my friends worldwide are choosing and creating. Babies are being born… People choose happy, healthy and possible and choosing more as their own choice, despite all that is going on on the planet.

Very inspiring. Thank you all!


So grateful for the ease and peace in my life and body, and for everyone contributing to it. And for myself choosing and having it.

What else is possible I haven’t considered yet?


Life is Precious – LIVE

13516215_10153523472855736_8021293959949023_nSo happy to be Living!

1 Year ago today, the air tubes were taken out of my torso after recovering from a double lung collapse. 💥💥 Awesome creation 😳😂
I could walk again after weeks in a hospital bed being hooked up to wind machines on the wall.

It was freggin scary and super intense and I’m so glad I’m still prancing around here.
Alive, enjoying the sun on my skin, dancing, running my businesses, working with people, giving classes and even coaching people through similar hospital events.

It was a f***ing amazing adventure with a magical recovery.

Thanks to everyone who was there for me, supporting, contributing, healing, holding my hands, feet, body and having my back in the craziest moments of my life.

And everyone who diverted from me or still judges me for my choices, I’m grateful for you too.

Enjoy every second of your life peeps.
It’s way too precious not to have a great time and create the most out of it.

Get over your dying in any way, shape or form and LIVE



Grateful – Dankbaar

(Nederlands onderaan…)

Yet another year on planet earth in the pocket! BAM!!!
29 Years in human years.
What’s next? What is possible now? Today? And in the future?

I’m GRATEFUL… and happy 🙂

Here’s for everyone who knows me in whatever way…

I’m grateful for everyone who has chosen to still be connected with me, and to be present in my life.
I’m grateful for everyone who has chosen to check out of my life and to ‘leave’.
I’m grateful for everyone who has had the courage to ask a question of what the f*ck I’m up to.
I’m grateful for everyone who has judged me harshly without asking a question.
I’m grateful for everyone around me who has chosen what works for them based on what they know themselves.
I’m grateful for everyone around me who has chosen what works for them bases on other peoples judgment and points of view.
I’m grateful for everyone who has chosen whatever works for their own personal life quality, with or without me 🙂

Last year has been moving a lot, AGAIN. Weird and wondrous adventures…
I realize I have not always been that connected with everyone I know: colleagues, family, friends, acquaintances, lovers…
I realize that squoosing living consciously into other peoples faces is not always the greatest kindness to them, if they are not able to understand it, or receive it at that point.

I wonder what it has been like for everyone that has been observing what I’m up to in life…?
Everything is what it seems to be… and nothing is what is seems to be…

An invitation to those who are willing to…

Who has questions?
Who lacks information? About my MAGIC work? About me…?
What is clear? What is not so clear?

Who would like to catch up? 🙂
Reach out if you like, however grand or small…

What would you like to know?


Weer een jaar meer op planeet aarde! BAM!!!
29 Jaar in mensen jaren.
Wat nu? Wat is er nu mogelijk? Vandaag? En in de toekomst?

Ik ben DANKBAAR… en gelukkig 🙂

Voor iedereen die mij op welke manier dan ook kent…

Ik ben dankbaar voor iedereen die heeft gekozen om nogsteeds in mijn leven aanwezig te zijn.
Ik ben dankbaar voor iedereen die heeft gekozen om uit te checken en weg te gaan.
Ik ben dankbaar voor iedereen die de moed heeft gehad om een vraag te stellen over waar ik in hemelsnaam mee bezig ben.
Ik ben dankbaar voor iedereen die me keihard veroordeeld heeft zonder een vraag te stellen.
Ik ben dankbaar voor iedereen die heeft gekozen wat voor hen werkt gebaseerd op wat zij zelf weten.
Ik ben dankbaar voor iedereen die heeft gekozen wat voor hen werkt gebaseerd op andermans oordeel of kijk.
Ik ben dankbaar voor iedereen die heeft gekozen heeft wat werkt voor hun persoonlijke levenskwaliteit, met of zonder mij 🙂

Het afgelopen jaar was WEDEROM zeer bewogen. Vreemde, eigenaardige en wonderlijke avonturen..
Ik realiseer me dat ik niet altijd even verbonden ben geweest met iedereen die ik ken: collegae, familie, vrienden, kennissen, minnaars…
Ik realiseer me dat het niet altijd even aardig van mij is geweest om bewust leven in ieders gezicht te wrijven, als daar geen ruimte voor is op dat moment.

Ik vraag me af hoe het is geweest voor iedereen die heeft geobserveerd waar ik mee bezig ben…?
Alles is wat het lijkt te zijn… en niets is wat het lijkt te zijn…

Een uitnodiging aan iedereen die dat zou willen…

Wie heeft er vragen?
Wie mist informatie? Over mijn TOVER werk? Over mij…?
Wat is helder? En wat niet?

Wie zou willen er bijpraten? 🙂
Neem contact op als je wilt, hoe groots of klein het gebaar ook mag zijn…

Wat wil jij weten?