Verdraai jij je bewustzijn in ‘gevoelens’?

Merlijn Wolsink - Voelen - Waarnemen‘Voelen’ wordt meestal zwaar in het lichaam.
Gewoon ‘bewust zijn’ of ‘gewaar zijn’ laat toe om het een waarneming te laten blijven.

Als ie iets waarneemt en je zegt “ik voel” maak je het van jou terwijl dat niet zo is en vertel je je lichaam om het vast te houden.

Wat zou er gebeuren als je erkent wat je je gewaar bent, in plaats van wat je waarneemt te verdraaien in een ‘gevoel’ wat in eerste instantie nooit van jou was?

Voel jij liever alles om je heen?
Of ben je je er liever gewoon bewust van?

Verwonderen in de Magie van Jouw Bestaan…?

Merlijn Wolsink - Verwonder je in MagieAls een ieder zijn of haar leven creëert, waarom zou je je niet verwonderen in de Magie van Jouw Leven? 
Waar je alles kunt ontvangen? Alles kunt creëren? Praktisch kunt spelen met bewustzijn en energie? Hier en Nu? Niet in een onbereikbaar land van hoop en dromen?

Als bewustzijn geen zweverig ‘ding’ zou zijn… zou het een geschenk kunnen zijn aan jezelf om je eigen leven te creëren? Het niet langer meer uit handen te geven en een hogere macht, gids of iets wat groter zou moeten zijn dan Jij?

Hoe zou het zijn om de Tovenaar in Jouw Bestaan te zijn?

#HWHBDD? Hoe Wordt Het Beter Dan Dit?

Merlijn Wolsink - Hoe wordt het beter dan dit? HWHBDD?Mijn social media vrienden vragen al geruime tijd “Wat betekend ‘HWHBDD’ in hemelsnaam…?!?”
I snap het! Het ziet er wat vreemd uit! 🙂

‘HWHBDD’ een afkorting voor “Hoe Wordt Het Beter Dan Dit?”
We hebben het allemaal graag KORT en SNEL, vooral als we typen, toch? 😉

Het is een vraag om simpelweg jezelf OPEN te stellen voor iets beters, groters… meer. Wat dat ook mag zijn!
Zou jij willen vragen en ontvangen…?
Wat als het stellen van een simpele vraag veel krachtiger en creatiever is dan elke conclusie of antwoord dat je ooit zult hebben?

Je kunt deze vraag stellen voor welke situatie dan ook – ‘goed’ of ‘slecht’ – en het gave er aan is…
Je hebt geen antwoord nodig om het een andere energie in je leven te laten creëren 🙂
Je kunt er gewoon mee LEVEN!
“Hoe wordt het beter dan dit?”

EN je kunt de afkorting gebruiken voor meer snelheid en gemak!

EN als je één letter toevoegt krijg je:
HWHNBDD? “Hoe Wordt Het NOG Beter Dan Dit?”

Hoe Wordt Het Beter Dan Dat?
#AccessConsciousness® #Tool

#HDIGABTT? How Does It Get Any Better Than This?

Merlijn Wolsink - How does it get better than this? #HDIGABTT?My social media friends have been asking
“What the heck means ‘HDIGABTT’…?!?”
I get it! It looks weird! 🙂

‘HDIGABTT’ is an abbreviation for “How Does It Get Any Better Than This?”
We all like it SHORT and SWEET, especially when we type, don’t we? 😉

It’s a question to simply OPEN UP to something better, greater… more! Whatever that might be!
Would you be willing to ask an receive…?
What if asking a Single Simple Question is more powerful than every conclusion or answer you’ll ever have?

You can ask it in any sort or situation – ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – and the GREAT thing about it is…
You don’t need an answer to it for it to start creating a different energy in your life 🙂
You can just LIVE with it!
“How does it get better than that?”

AND you van use the abbreviation to use it with even more ease and speed!

AND if you change ONE letter you get:
HDIGEBTT? “How Does It Get EVEN Better Than This?”

How Does It Get Any Better Than This?
#AccessConsciousness® #Tool

Why do I show my body to the world?

Merlijn Wolsink by Stef Lohstroh en Isabeau BosscherHow much time do we spend living with our bodies? Our entire lives…?

At a young age we are told to cover our bodies up, dress ourselves appropriately.
And if you don’t have the ‘appropriate’ body size or image you should cover yourself up all the way.
“Don’t show your body. It’s hideous. Put some clothes on.”
Does that contribute to the freedom of living?

I choose not to see bodies as something to be ashamed of.
I choose to stop beating my body and other peoples body down for so called imperfections.
I choose to stop hiding my body, it’s uniqueness, beauty and everything it is.

I’m not saying “go run around naked”… or what would that take? LOL.
Be smart and be aware of where you are and who you are with. What can they receive?
You could make it easy on yourself to not get undressed when people will judge the hell out of you.
And if you’re willing to be judged, receive the judgment and create a change in the world, present the possibility that bodies are to be proud of, to be nurtured, honored and cared for, go ahead…

Not out of rebellion. For the possibility of the greatness of embodiment and vulnerability.

Have you noticed that children have no judgment of their body? They mostly just enjoy it and they touch and show their private parts with no point of view. It’s there and part of their body… why wouldn’t they? When they get older, all thoughts and judgments they have learned, picked up on and created themselves on top of that, sticks in their universe, which will most likely create limitation in their universe, body, the way they function and even how they do business and the ability to receive money.
It’s not who they are originally. All judgments we carry along are extra weight we don’t need.

What if we could create together with our kids? Beyond the perversion of this reality?
What would it be like if they have a different reality with their body? One that supports them and makes having a body a joyful, blissful and pleasant experience? Their own?

Because… how long will they have to live with their bodies? Their whole entire life…?

What if we were to to give kids the information they require? Increase they awareness, ask them questions about what they would like to choose and create?

What if we would let our kids know at early age:
“There are some things you have to be aware of… Touching your body is not wrong. Showing your body is not wrong. Enjoying your body is not wrong. Inside the house you can be yourself, run around naked and touch your body. You could even choose to do that outside, at school and all the other places you go. That is always your choice. Just know… this reality is a little interesting and generally not so kind… People will think and say you are weird, bad, dirty, and inappropriate. Most people won’t like it and they will judge you. When you will grow older you even have the chance to be send to prison for being naked on the street, for showing your body and touching it. It’s considered to be very wrong, which is just a point of view. What would you like to choose? Would you be willing to be aware of what other people will say, think and do? So you can be yourself at anytime? To dress yourself ‘appropriately’ when you ‘have to’ and do what is required for you to be happy with your body?”

I have lived in this reality long enough to know what I’m ‘allowed’ to do or not do. I know when I can push the limits a little or a lot, or not. I’m willing to receive the judgments too. Just judge me. And my body. It’s ok. Because… It’s not really mine anyway and not my body’s either :).

I’m freaking proud of my body. All of it. And I’m working pretty darn intensely at changing all the judgments and insanity that’s still lingering around that are preventing me to fully enjoy living this life.
And living in this reality… requires a body.

Be Proud. Honor. Nurture. Care For. Vitalize. Be Grateful. Enjoy.

If you you had no judgment of your body and other bodies… what would life be like?

How Much Energy Are You Using To Slow Yourself Down?

Merlijn Wolsink blog using energy against yourselfToday I have been looking at what I’m creating in my life. I took a moment to sit down with myself and my business, to get brutally honest and stop running away from what is ‘buzzing in the background’, taking up space in my universe…

“How much energy am I using to slow myself down?”

Most things are fun, some things not so fun. Most things I enjoy doing and creating, and other aspects I really do not enjoy. I’m realizing that I really won’t do the things I don’t wanna do but think I ‘have to’. CUTE. Do you recognize that? Not very bright. So I moved on to the questions:

“Who or what else can I add to my life and business to do this for me? What else can I institute or systemize in a different way, so I have more time, space and energy to create what I truly enjoy creating? What energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be to change, shift and transform all of this with total ease?”

I just love how questions like that create energetically and allow the whole freggin’ universe to rearrange itself.
I wonder what will show up now?

What other Magic with life, money and business can I create?

Ontvang jij waar je om vraagt…?

Hands On Access - Merlijn Wolsink - Vragen Stellen

Wat een fijne week vol INSPIRATIE!
Ik had om meer gevraagd… Vraag en je zult ontvangen!
“Hoe wordt het nog beter dan dit?”

We ontvangen voortdurend wat we vragen… Vraag jij bewust?

Een vraag als “hoe wordt het nog beter dan dit?” vergt geen antwoord…
Vragen zijn een zeer krachtige manier om de energie te veranderen van alles in het leven.
Vragen stellen opent voortdurend naar een andere mogelijkheid… naar een nieuw besef, een nieuwe waarneming en een nieuwe energie…

Voordelen van het stellen van een vraag:
– je hoeft lang niet altijd uit te vogelen wat het antwoord is!
– je inspireert jezelf en jouw eigenheid
– je verandert bewust de onderstroom van je leven
– je opent je naar nieuwe mogelijkheden
– je laat je lichaam toe om de besluiten, conclusies en oordelen niet meer vast te zetten en te laten gaan.
– je stelt jezelf in staat om meer te ontvangen, wat zich op veel manieren kan uitwerken

Voor jouw inspiratie… een greep uit vragen die ik gebruik, voor alle toffe en minder fijne dingen:

Hoe wordt het beter dan dit?
Hoe wordt het nóg beter dan dit?
Wat is er nog meer mogelijk?
Wat is hier juist aan dat ik niet snap?
Wat is er juist aan mij dat ik niet snap?
Hoe gebruik ik dit in mijn voordeel?
Hoe kan ik mijzelf inspireren vandaag?
Hoeveel meer kan en zal ik vandaag ontvangen?
Hoe zou het zijn als ik zou creëren wat ik echt zou willen?
Hoe zou ik graag willen dat mijn leven IS?
Gratis Magische Inspiratie Vragen

CADEAUTJE! Ik heb een vragenlijst gemaakt voor jullie om mee te spelen! De
Klik HIER om te downloaden!

En onthoudt… je vraagt NIET om een antwoord… Je vraagt om die ENERGIE, zodat je je openstelt voor alles waarvan je nog niet eerder besefte dat het een mogelijkheid was!

Nodig meer magie uit in je leven…

Stel een vraag… denk er niet over na… ga gewoon door met je leven en ontvang simpel weg de ideëen en “AHA momenten” die je te binnen schieten… of het nou direct is nadat je de vraag stelde of weken later…

Tip: Wellicht wil je de bovenstaande vragen op post-its door je hele huis heen hangen?
Om jezelf er met gemak aan te herinneren dat ook jij kan vragen om meer van wat jij zou willen?
Meer magie en mogelijkheden?

Hoe wordt het nog beter dan dat?

Being Self Empowered

By Merlijn 🙂

Wowzers… Renée’s Blog yesterday surely stirred the pot!
Yes, Renée take on the whole story was pretty direct and pretty clear on how things seem to work these days, and how people unconsciously function according to the point of view of this reality. How the medical en psychiatric care functions and how the people onder their wings function along with that, mostly with ‘no-choice’.

It seemingly brought up A LOT for A LOT of people who read it and I’m so extremely grateful for all your responses, points of view and questions! By phone, e-mail, private messages and especially those who were daring to write a comment below the Facebook post. Thank you!
You see, that is what creates a REAL CHANGE in the world. Being willing to open up a conversation en just look at stuff.
So… what else is possible?

Lots of people expressed their sadness.

To be quite honest, while reading the Blog myself, it made me sad at first.
And you know why? While stepping into Empowerment and demanding a more conscious life I continuously ridge up against all kinds of ways that I have made me smaller and less valuable than others or something else, according to the world we live in.
All the projections, conclusions, judgments, points of view of who and what I am that I have made real and true for me.
It does make me sad and it often even brings up a tear that I have -unconsciously- chosen to do that, thinking I didn’t have a choice 🙂

“You are this…” “You are that…” “You have this…” ” You have that…” ” You can’t change this…” “You’ll have to live with this…” “That is good for you” ” That is bad for you”…
Seriously…? Based on who’s point of view, judgment or conclusion?
What do YOU KNOW about YOU and YOUR BODY?

That awareness get clearer all the time. It can be razor-sharp and even painful to realize how unkind I have been to me, by making all of that TRUE for me, where that wasn’t true for me in the first place… That is what makes me sad at times.
I acknowledge that, let it be and I get over it. HOPPA!
“What can I choose now? Other than that?”

Acknowledging Choice is very powerful thing, as it empowers you to be the creator of your own reality.
Maybe a little uncomfortable at first and it becomes more and more fun to let your choice create your reality.

DONE. That is my choice 🙂
I’m done with being a victim and with having no choice.
As well, my ‘no-choice’ and victimization sticks all the people around me and creates unconscious control over them and their lives…
I’m not choosing that.
I love to receive everyones contribution to me out of choice, not out of being powerless.
That brings me and them way more joy as well.

I choose to have choice. And.. I LOVE IT!
It gives me space, freedom, lightness, possibility and control when needed.
It gives me the choice to be a contribution to others and to receive contribution out of gratitude.

I am the leader of my life.
Everyone else can keep on telling me how ‘small’, helpless, stupid an miserable I am… and I choose to not make that real for me anymore, because really…
What if we are as great and powerful as we choose to be ourselves?
However ‘big’ or ‘small’ that might be? As that is just a point of view as well… 🙂
What would it be like if everyone could enlarge or belittle their own potential out of choice?
What if there is nothing wrong with whatever choice?
What if no choice you ever made was ever wrong?
Choose, and choose again if you don’t like it anymore 🙂

And YES, I still ask others for help and guidance too, as I’m no where near to where I would like to be yet… though I’m on my way…
I ask for more each day, for me and for the world.
We are NOW having to deal with how we are NOW with all our baggage, which can lighten up as slowly or as fast as we like.
That is why I go with Empowerment. Empowering to own potential.

Each conclusion about who or what you are, that you lock into your world, becomes true for you.
Becomes true… Not IS true. What if every things is a choice and a creation? And what if you can un-create and choose differently?

What would it be like to be totally self empowered? To have own choice and no need for physical and psychological support? What would that be like as a reality? I wonder… 🙂

Please know, you have the choice to choose.
Your point of view creates your reality.
What would you like to choose and create? For you?

How magical can you be when being self-empowered?