Dare to Dream…

What ‘Dreams’ that you’ve ever had, were actually awarenesses of possibilities..? Possible realities that you can create…?

Have you ever thought or been told and sold that those dreams would be impossible or unattainable…?

What if it’s your choice to start creating that ENERGY in your life?

And Choice… Creates 

Keep on Choosing towards the Energy of what You know is possible!

Dare to Dream
Dare to Know

What do You Know about what is Possible?



“Universe, please show me something beautiful today?”

12795522_10153459585347253_6340432311771172824_nI ALWAYS wake up with this one… Every day.

So many amazing things are showing up for me at the moment.
With super duper great intensities, sparkly magic, sun rays, beautiful people and it’s NEVER like I thought it would be.

A lot of old stuff seems to be coming up to clear… to leave my body and life… mostly in interaction with others. I’m actually so thankful for all your contributions. It’s allowing me to look at it, maybe process it, receive it and get rid of it if I choose to.

How often do we allow us to make room for new possibilities to come to fruition? The funny thing with choosing something, whatever it is, it can bring up everything in that doesn’t allow it, all at once 🙂 energy is fast… Things you were not willing to look at, or deal with, or ask for, or receive…

Ask and you shall receive. Apparently, it really works like that?

Even if it’s a silent whisper…
What are you whispering…?

How often do we think ‘it’s meant to be’ if things ‘just happen’?
Like we have no power or saying in that…

Some people leave it all up to the Universe, as a greater power…
What if it’s mostly our choices and questions that co-create with the Universe? And our willingness to have and receive…?

“Universe, please show me something beautiful today?”

Are you using Money as an Excuse to ‘Not Choose’?

12552831_10153185670510736_8894148903856475855_nAre you using money as an excuse not to choose?
What are you making more powerful? Money? Or your own creative juju? ✨

What actually, money isn’t the problem?
What if your choice… creates?

Mostly, all that is required is: your choice to choose whatever you would like to choose!
What if you are the Magic that makes your Life Show Up?✨

So lets say, you would like to make a trip around the world or you would like to go do something that requires a little more money, and you go:
“I will go when I will have the money” or “I don’t have money for that…”

Is that choosing what you would like or kinda concluding you can’t choose that?

Most people are not willing to look at the good, bad, beautiful and ugly of their money stuff, so they just leave it hanging, thinking they are ‘not choosing’.

A small note: even when you think you are not choosing, you are choosing to ‘not choose’.
So you are actually always choosing.
Funny right…?
And choice… Creates. It creates everything that shows up in your life.

What if you are a way greater creator than you thought you were?
What if You are the Magic that makes your Life Show Up?

So even if you have no idea about HOW it’s going to work out: what would you like to choose…?

Ready…? Let’s do a little Money Class!

1 * Choose! and start Asking

“Ok, I’m choosing this! I’m having this. I’’m gonna Be this, Do this. I am willing to receive this!
Now, what is it going to take?”

Some first steps to start consciously creating:

2 * “What is the amount of money I practically require?” – What money is required? What does it cost? Do some research, get ALL the info and numbers you need. Have them as an energetic target or guideline, NOT as a conclusion. ‘Cause anything can change and more and greater possibilities can show up 🙂
“Ok, this is it for these 10 seconds. I wonder what else I could know

3 * “What do I already have?” – again look at numbers as a knowing and as practical information. “Ok, how does it get even better than this? And what else is possible?”

4 * “Destroy and Uncreate
-everywhere I have decided it is not possible for me to have and create this
-everything I have decided about where the money will and has to come from
-everything that doesn’t allow it to show up with ease” – just say all those exact words, every day and every time it feels funky in your world.

5 * Start asking creative and generative questions, like:
“What else can I Create and Generate?” Yes, YOU can Create! Now what?
“Who or what can I contact?” Wie of wat weet?
“What is possible?” Are you looking at limitations or possibilities?
“What else is possible?” What else could you become aware of?
“WHAT is this going to take for this money to show up with total ease?” – Not nessecarily “How much work is this going to be” or “How am I going to do this” or “How much do I have to do?” Get the difference…?
“Where is the money?” How simple can it be?
“How much more can I receive today?” Who won’t ask… won’t receive.
“Universe, what else is possible I haven’t considered yet?”
“Universe, show me the possibilities?” Ask everything and everyone, every energy en molecule in the universe to contribute to what you would like to choose and create! 1… 2… 3!

6 * Take action on the awarenesses you get. That includes being and doing…
Get to work! What can you create? What else can you create?

7 * Be willing to RECEIVE whatever shows up! Even if it doesn’t look like you have decided is has to be! “Did I ask for this? Is this showing up in a different way than I thought if would?”

This is just one short way around, to start! I hope it will inspire you.

There is never a final destination to something if you don’t stop it.
Your choice creates. Your choices are the Magic that makes your life show up for you!

Your choice, willingness and questions open up to the possibilities to RECEIVE from all possible sources and directions. Every 10 seconds again.

Oh… And there are so MUCH MORE tools and ways to create the life you desire.
Get in touch if you are interested! Or get yourself to a money class!

What do you desire? What are you asking for?
What If you would’t use money as an excuse to not choose what you would like in life?
And even if you are temporarily out of cash… what can you create?

If you want something: Choose it. Or at least, start choosing it. And then: WHAT is it going to take?

What if You are the Magic that makes your Life Show Up?

Being Kind during the Holidays?

Merlijn Wolsink - Kindness Holiday SeasonHoliday Season! Yay!
Happy times for many and not so happy times for others.

I wonder what is possible if you would have a sweet and delicate look at what you would like to create this month?
Here are some things to ponder…

What would the Holiday Season be like if you would…

– be with people you totally enjoy hanging out with?
– give yourself and your body -more- choice?
– truly enjoy every bite of food you eat?
– know it when your body has had enough food?
– choose to be with yourself for a bit if you would like to?
– know that choosing for you does not have to mean you are choosing against others?
– have a look at the ‘ have-to’s ‘ and things you usually do to please others?
– choose to enjoy the ‘ have-to’s ‘ if you are going to do them anyway?
– keep on ‘returning to sender’ all the holiday stress you are picking up from others?
– know and expand your own space, energy and lightness?
– reach out to others your self when you are lost in your own space?
– be present in every moment?
– be kind to you?
– be kind to your body?
– be kind to others?
– be in harmony with yourself, your body and your surroundings?

What would you like your holiday season to be like…?
What an amazing holiday season is truly possible?

Are you Loving the ‘work’ you do?

Merlijn Wolsink - Are you loving the work you do?People ask me a lot “Are you working today? Or are you free?”

I always wonder what to reply… Where are they coming from?
For most people that implies that it would be better to be ‘free’ and have fun than to ‘work’.

I noticed that for a lot of people ‘fun’ and ‘work’ don’t go together.
They even get confused when I say “I like to have business AND pleasure together”
“What??? Is that even possible…?”

My question: If you are not enjoying what you do and create in life, why the hell do it?
What’s the value of doing things that don’t make your life exciting?
What does upholding a job or anything else you don’t love – or maybe even hate – add to your life?

Last summer, I changed the word “working” to “creating”. That ‘works’ for me. LOL
I create my life, that includes business and generating money.
As soon as I perceive myself going in to “work” energy, I start asking questions and I will look at if I really enjoy that particular action of project.

I ask questions to empower my own awareness:

“What else is possible?”
“What am I aware of here?”
“Do I truly enjoy doing this?”
“If I choose to do this, will it truly expand my life”
“Is this new to me? Do I have to get used to this?”
“Can someone or something else do this for me?”
“If I choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years?”

I know, it took me a while to get my own spin on things, after working a ‘job’ in theatre, other laborious jobs where I needed to ‘work hard’ and doing things for other people.

I realized that ‘working’ a ‘job’ does not really match the sense of freedom I demand in my life.
Even if it pays a whoooooole lot of money… if it does not expand the energy of my life, I’m not game.

Would you need to be ‘free’ if you were creating the life you LOVE living?
Your body might need to chill out every once and a while… take a bath, go work out, dance, hit the sauna, take a walk, have sex or whatever nurtures your body.
AND if your Being, your Spirit loves what you are creating, you always have choice and you never ‘have to be free off work’. You are free.

IF you would be creating the life you love, what would you LOVE to do…?

Creëren zonder referentie kaders… Geef jezelf meer energie!

CADEAUTJE om jou te ondersteunen in het CREËREN VAN JE LEVEN!

Gary Douglas, de grondlegger van Access®, heeft het al geruime tijd over creëren…
Met alle verandering die nu mogelijk en gaande is op de planeet en in ieders leven, zijn veel mensen de weg kwijt omdat ze hun referentie punten voor hun eigen creatie kwijt raken…


Als je voor verandering kiest, ‘moet’ je werkelijk welwillend zijn om bewust te creëren, aangezien we iedere seconde creëren… bewust of onbewust.

Zovelen hebben zo lang een bepaald ‘probleem’ als drijfkracht gehad voor hun eigen creërende vermogen… De dingen die stieken het leven beheersen…
Bijvoorbeeld om te herstellen en om te ‘overleven’, in welke situatie dan ook.
Als dat de onderliggende programma’s zijn waar vanuit je creert, dien je een andere energie aan te spreken om dat te veranderen…

Stel iemand is al heel lang ziek, en opeens niet meer omdat op welke manier dan ook veranderd… Wat dan?
Als dat ‘probleem’ opeens weg is of veranderd, gaan veel mensen op non-actief of creëren simpelweg weer onbewust hetzelfdemdat ze zichzelf zo geprogrammeerd hebben om op die manier te creëren.

Schattig, niet zo slim!

Hoe kan je jouw kracht en energie vóór je laten werken?

Zeker als men met fysieke dingen worstelt is het handig om ook voor het lichaam een andere energie aan te spreken, aangezien elke molecuul in je lichaam een respons geeft op JOUW energie.

Gary Douglas kwam met een paar processen die mij sneller laten lopen, meer actie laat ondernemen, meer in en een andere creërende energie, ruimte en bewustzijn aanspreekt, dat verder gaat dan deze realiteit…

“Wat voor Energie Ruimte en Bewustzijn kan ik zijn om met totaal gemak te creëren verder dan en voorbij aan aan deze werkelijkheid?”

en met betrekking op je lichaam…

“Wat voor Energie, Ruimte en Bewustzijn kunnen ik en jouw lichaam zijn om een fysiologische werkelijkheid te creëren voorbij aan en verder dan deze werkelijkheid, met totaal gemak?”

Door alleen al die vraag te stellen, open je je naar meer energie…
Hoe vaker je vraagt, of dit ‘proces’ herhaalt, hoe meer ruimte je creëert voor meer mogelijkheden.

Download de Clearing Loops hier! Je kunt deze herhalend afspelen op op je computer  (zo lang en zo vaak als jij wilt…) of op smartphone zetten – of wat nog meer?
Hoe veel energie wil jij hebben om je creëren?

In de Clearing loops gebruik het Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement.
Klik hier om meer daarover te weten te komen en deze magische Tool ook zelf te gebruiken!

Ik hoop dat dit ook aan jullie bij kan dragen… 🙂