Vulnerable moments… with MOM

14088980_10153648552325736_195864143_nYes. Vulnerable moments can be there too. Totally. Even if it’s fucking uncomfortable.

Some days you just gotta take a moment to sit down with yourself. Or with your mom 😊

To lower all the barriers and get ‘naked’ to see what’s actually going on, to acknowledge and receive it, to change it and out-create it.

I’m not pretending to be enlightened. I don’t have it all ‘right’, nor do I have the right f*cking ‘conscious’ question or awareness all the time. Especially for myself that is. For others it’s way easier and a totally different story.

When you are sitting on top of your own mountain with a head full of ideas, questions and ‘have to’s’ – like I was today and yesterday – it just such a blessing to have people in your life that have your back and be with you, like my mom has been all my life, with a question, a different perspective or simply being.

I used to think I was a failure when I asked for help, which is not true. I’ve learned that by now, and still it’s a practice for me to ask for help when I require it and to actually receive it.

I used to think that being vulnerable is weak or pathetic, which is not true either.

Being truly vulnerable with myself usually feels like I’m falling apart, which might be true in a way cause I get to look at what is bugging me, fucking me up or the conclusions that I use to define me, which stop me from Being creative.
The ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly’.

I don’t really expose it a lot.
And in case you didn’t notice: life’s not always pretty folks 😊
Everyone has their shit and whobbles going on. Including me. It’s ok.

And usually after those highly uncomfortable moments where I just wanna kill everyone and everything, I come out being greater. WAY greater.

OMG I’m so grateful for my mom and I know not everyone has such a relationship with their parents. One that keeps on inspiring each other to be greater and greater and allowing you to be as you are in every 10 seconds.

Thank you mama Renée, you rock my world.

So happy I choose you 😉

And this beautiful song by Mike Posner sums it up quite well 🙏🏻

1…2…3… Discover your own Wizard

While preparing for my move to another city, I again realized how ‘in tune’ I am with our planet… I JUST CANNOT DENY OR IGNORE IT ANY LONGER!
It might sound bizarre… I didn’t recognize it for years, I was completely unaware of it and I just didn’t get why I just felt so incredibly weary dreary…

Last week I fell for it again while intensively packing, organizing my moving boxes, with massive thunderstorms and rain going on outside.
It seemed like I was on a turbulent airplane, with very non-stop high air pressure…
I couldn’t really grasp what was going on anymore and just went on being busy… until I was out on my balcony that evening, witnessing yet another rainstorm…

I wondered… “Hm… what is it that I’m so restless? What the heck is this?”
Instantaneously I got the awareness of the earth being restless and moving, and that I might be asking for a contribution of whatever energy…
I did some so called ‘1-2-3s’ to the earth; gathering all energy, heaviness and density you have available between your hands, to then just chuck it away like an energetic atom bomb, as a contribution to the earth.
It might sound a little airy, though when practically done like this it often works like Magic 😉 *POOF*

Immediately my body relaxed and I got lightheaded… so intensely that I as most fell over :D.
I had been carrying that whole intense thundercloud along for days already, thinking it was part of my move. ‘Thinking’ is cute… not so bright 🙂

Well, so that happens when you’re not being with it for a second, or more… 😛
A couple of 1-2-3 To the earth changed everything.
With way more space I could go with disconnecting the washing machine 🙂

All molecules, particles and energy in the universe are connected…
The earth will pull and push as long as it takes for us to listen – to be and receive a contribution…
The earth it doesn’t even seem to matter what kind of energy we contribute… energy is energy.
As long as it receives some energy from us, in stead of us only taking and consuming energy from it.

I can jump as high and low as I possibly can… If I wouldn’t have acknowledged that I AS WELL am connected to THE WHOLE WORLD, my life would have looked way different by now… and I can tell you, it probably wouldn’t have been half as pleasant…

So, my question to you: What if you would acknowledge your connection to our planet? And consciously contribute to it with some energy even now and then?

TOOL: 1-2-3 to the Earth

When you’re feeling dreary and heavy and don’t know what to do…
Gather all weird energies and heaviness in your body between your hands…
1… 2… 3! To the earth and repeat until you feel lighter again 🙂
Discover your own Wizard 😉

*1-2-3 is an Access Consciouness® tool