Havin’ a COLD?

Merlijn Wolsink - having a cold - fluOh Joy. I’ve been pretty entertained over the last couple of days! My sweet body has been a little under the weather. This one hit me hard and believe me or not: I’ve been on the couch, making my body comfi and not doing a lot, except sleeping and watching some tv. Actually, that’s really nothing for me, especially now my business is up and running nicely.

I remember I used to -unconsciously- make my body sick when I was doing things I did not enjoy doing. A nice excuse and a clever way to NOT do what I ‘had to do’ or to procrastinate… ‘Cause: “I’m sick” 😉 Again, we are WAY more powerful than we think…

This was a little different. Only a couple of hours I did get some work done on my computer, until my fingertips would start hurting, body kinda saying “Now you put that darn electric thing away! We need some space dude! Aren’t you listening yet?!?” Lol. Smart body.

Do you recognize those moments when you feel ‘it’ come into your body? Eh… I mean ‘the cold’ of ‘the flu’…? 😉 Or… whatever it really is…? I discovered its mainly just energies I pick up from my surroundings, which are mostly various kinds of energies all mixed up: sickness, depression, judgments, chemical energies, etc…

Have you noticed that most of the ‘colds’ or ‘sicknesses’ you have ever had, were never exactly the same?

When these energies are prevailing around you, they can have a HUGE impact on your body IF you are letting them take a run with you.
AND if you are not totally aware of and controlling the healing capacities you and your body have AND simply… your awareness of the people and bodies around you, you might have been making your body more sick than necessary… 🙂

What else is possible?

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten so fast at processing this kinda stuff that my body doesn’t even have to get ‘sick’ or ‘have a cold’. And If I notice my body does pick up on it -can be an old pattern or simply: my awareness of other people and their bodies- and I apply a couple of tools, it’s usually out, processed and gone in like 15/30 minutes. ‘Cause: Access tools for do work like magic.

If I “return all of that to sender, with consciousness attached”, all that energy can just go away, leave my body and I don’t even have to tell my body to get ‘sick’.

I’ve had times when I picked up on a cold and my body was already showing symptoms. A drippy nose or something. After doing some clearings and returning it to sender, all the stages of a usual human ‘cold’ came by in half an hour in stead of a week. That was really kinda funny… Imagine: 8 different kinda sneezes, coughs, gargles and burbles in only 30 minutes, and BOOM: Out of my body, like speeding up the process and recovery.

I’ve seen this with my friends and clients too: at first they thought it was getting worse, while actually their bodies were healing a rapid speed. ‘Cold’ gone.

Whatever it was for me this time… What was right about it I’m not getting? I’ve gotten through it and Body’s feeling better now!
I actually felt really rejuvenated during my fitness work out today, like I’ve gotten though some old YUK that was still lingering around.
And… Concerning this was the first time in 3 years that I had something like this… Pretty cool job, I say so myself 🙂

Anyway, the moral of this long story:
If you feel a cold come up and you want to change it: “Uncreate and Destroy everywhere I’m making it mine, everywhere I have ever bought as mine and I Return it all to Sender, with Consciousness attached!” and allow it to leave your body.

How does it get even better?

Changing from Greatness

Merlijn Wolsink - What if change never implies that you are wrong?What if CHANGE never implies that you are wrong?

What is ones natural way to be? Solid and stuck? Or moving and changing?

Do the molecules of the air change?
Do the molecules of your body move and change, even when you are asleep?
Does your mind ever really stop wondering?
Is your being ever not changing?

Most people only consider change to be a possibility if there is something ‘wrong’, and take that as a motivation to access their own power to change.

What if disease, unhappiness, depression and so on, actually are nothing like they seem to be?
What if all of those have to do with certain abilities that everyone has, which our reality hasn’t really shown us how to deal with?

If you have a capacity to change the depression, pain and disease in the people around you… What happens if you are not totally aware of that…?

What if changing is a capacity?
What if there never has to be anything ‘wrong’ with you to choose to change?
Where are you already being the energy of CHANGE, that you have not acknowledged yet?

What if change actually could imply that you are GREAT…?

If change were an endless possibility into greatness… What would you change right now?

And let me add: change for the joy of it…?

Do You Have Healing Capacities You Are Not Aware Of?

Merlijn Wolsink Healing Capacities Magic Pain Ok my “healer” and “non healer” friends… WOW.
Once again today, I’ve seen A LOT of healers suffer from their own abilities, taking other peoples energetic garbage in their own bodies and be totally drained, stuffed and heavy at the end of the day.

I don’t even call myself “a healer”, even though I am – in my point of view, everyone IS  – and I’m SO freaking grateful I got to wipe out those systems of taking peoples trash – headaches, pains, energies, illnesses – into my body. Done with that shit. People kill their bodies with that you know?

If you are often tired, ill or in pain, you might as well get clear on if you are using certain capacities “to heal” against yourself. You don’t need to be a freggin significant “woo woo healer” to get clear on that. 

What capacities “to heal” yourself and others have you not acknowledged yet?

A healthy, clean and aware body requires a healthy, clear and aware being living in it and with it.
What would you rather be?
Healthy, Clear and Aware?
Or Suffering Pain and Illnesses?

Love you all my healer and “non healer” friends!  Take care of your bodies!
And… How does it get better?

Kill or the Be Killed?

Kill or be killed? Merlijn WolsinkWOW. I nearly killed someone today! And nearly got killed…

People think I’m a sweet guy. I am. And… people have tried to kill my sweetness from early age on, by being mean or trying to hurt me with their evil. They still try to… And I have changed.
Read my experience of 1,5 hours ago below…

Between my in person sessions in Rotterdam today I was sitting on a park bench in a park around the corner, having another coaching call, wearing my mobile headset. A bit of sun and a bit of shade. Wonderful.

Then three end 20 year old guys walked by, spreading some wonky energy across the field. Do you recognize evil, danger or insanity when it’s present? Yes. If you are willing to see it. I was and I knew I had to be aware.

The first two just walked by kinda looking at and ignoring me. The last one stood next to me and asked me if he could have my phone. I said “No my friend, I’m in the middle of a business call, please move on, thank you”. Then he got angry, said he was not my friend and didn’t have anything to do with my business, yada yada yada… “Just give me your fucking phone” and he pulled out a knife

I told my client to hold on for a second…

Before, I would have ran away… Now I have tools and awareness to deal with this. I gathered all the energy that I had available to me, I stood up intenser and greater than ever, I made my eyes fire up and my body ready to rumble, kill if necessary and I did an energetic demon clearing process, all at the same time in about 5 seconds. This was new to me…

Have you ever seen a lioness protect her cub? Well… I teach my clients to be bigger and greater than the insanity that surrounds them or whatever they encounter and there I was: eye in eye with a guy that was apparently willing to hurt and kill me for my phone… and I was willing to kill him first.
Surprise! Even for me…
Nobody f***ing kills or hurts me or my body for anything.

So, the second I stood up, not even carrying a knife but with the energy I was going to deliver at him, I said “Back the f*** up, cause I will kill you first”. He got intrigued, backed up and got confused.
The other guys came to the rescue, I guess they saw I meant it even without weapon. My whole body was vibrating like crazy… I think I never had so much intensity coursing through my body as if I could explode in just a couple of seconds. They told him to come along and said to me: “Please calm down, you know better than this, please don’t hurt him” LOL. Really? He put his knife away, still tried to burn my eye out with his cigarette, but his hand didn’t even make it close to my face.

They walked away. I shaked it off and continued my coaching call with my client that was somewhat surprised and silent as my headset had not moved away from my mouth.

Even though I was buzzing a little bit, I wasn’t even upset and kinda amazed to where I’ve come over the last years.
I had actually been willing to save myself and totally choose ME.

Don’t be a victim. Be Aware.
You have to be the energy that changes a situation.
Sometimes you gotta be willing to kill, even though you won’t have to.
Not your fear but your awareness and energetic capacities will keep you and your body safe.

How about this for self-defense and protection of your and your body?
How does it get better than this?

And by the way: No worries, I’m totally ok!

#TrueStory #BeAware #UnleashYourOwnWizard

*** Part 2 ***

Thanks to everyone for the heartwarming and caring messages!

I’m glad too my body is still alive and I wonder if I would have even encountered this if I would not be able to deal with this. Everything at the moment seems to be rising to extremes…
Funny, with the ‘work’ I ‘do’ I seem to kinda catalyze changes everywhere I go and its getting stronger every day. I got to discover some power, potency and presence that I didn’t know I had and If it would have been the best action to run away, I would have probably done so…

Sometimes in instantaneous ‘knowing’ you just know something else is required. I wondered what Change I have created in that guys universe?
Who knows what has been going on in his life? This reality can be so sad, dark and malevolent. And yes, you got to be aware of what you are dealing with, so you can choose to create a change in the moment.
So many people grow up in and with unkindness and violence and you may encounter those broken and distorted souls everywhere you go. That’s no excuse, it’s just reality.

No fear required, just awareness. No “be careful” just “be aware and out-create that moment” Do or be what is needed. I sincerely wish him more possibilities and a greater life beyond pulling a knife to get something he probably doesn’t even really want.

What would it be like to Create a reality and world worth living in?

Wat the &*%# is ACCESS®? :-)

Mensen vragen mij vaak… “Wat doe jij nou precies allemaal?!? Ik snap er echt helemaal niks van! Wat is dat Access gebeuren nou eigenlijk?”

Access Consciousness® biedt duizenden mogelijkheden voor meer vrijheid in het leven en om de energie en de drijfkracht die je leven creëert bewust te veranderen.

Het gaat niet om het ‘volgen’ van Access of om ‘erbij te horen’, maar om het versterken van jezelf in jouw eigenheid en potentieel. Het gebruiken van een paar simpele ‘Access tools’ heeft vaak als resultaat dat problemen of klachten als sneeuw voor de zon verdwijnen, je levensgeluk toeneemt, je minder afgeleid wordt van wat jij werkelijk wilt en dat je gezondheid radicaal verbetert…
Eh… Wat wil je nog meer?!

Access Consciousness Nederland

Wie heeft er ooit tegen je gezegd dat je het niet allemaal kunt hebben en zijn? Da’s een interessant uitganspunt!

Echt serieus… wat weet jij…? Wat als de mogelijkheden ook voor jou oneindig zijn?

Als het werkelijk mogelijk was… zou je het willen hebben, kiezen en zijn?

1…2…3… Discover your own Wizard

While preparing for my move to another city, I again realized how ‘in tune’ I am with our planet… I JUST CANNOT DENY OR IGNORE IT ANY LONGER!
It might sound bizarre… I didn’t recognize it for years, I was completely unaware of it and I just didn’t get why I just felt so incredibly weary dreary…

Last week I fell for it again while intensively packing, organizing my moving boxes, with massive thunderstorms and rain going on outside.
It seemed like I was on a turbulent airplane, with very non-stop high air pressure…
I couldn’t really grasp what was going on anymore and just went on being busy… until I was out on my balcony that evening, witnessing yet another rainstorm…

I wondered… “Hm… what is it that I’m so restless? What the heck is this?”
Instantaneously I got the awareness of the earth being restless and moving, and that I might be asking for a contribution of whatever energy…
I did some so called ‘1-2-3s’ to the earth; gathering all energy, heaviness and density you have available between your hands, to then just chuck it away like an energetic atom bomb, as a contribution to the earth.
It might sound a little airy, though when practically done like this it often works like Magic 😉 *POOF*

Immediately my body relaxed and I got lightheaded… so intensely that I as most fell over :D.
I had been carrying that whole intense thundercloud along for days already, thinking it was part of my move. ‘Thinking’ is cute… not so bright 🙂

Well, so that happens when you’re not being with it for a second, or more… 😛
A couple of 1-2-3 To the earth changed everything.
With way more space I could go with disconnecting the washing machine 🙂

All molecules, particles and energy in the universe are connected…
The earth will pull and push as long as it takes for us to listen – to be and receive a contribution…
The earth it doesn’t even seem to matter what kind of energy we contribute… energy is energy.
As long as it receives some energy from us, in stead of us only taking and consuming energy from it.

I can jump as high and low as I possibly can… If I wouldn’t have acknowledged that I AS WELL am connected to THE WHOLE WORLD, my life would have looked way different by now… and I can tell you, it probably wouldn’t have been half as pleasant…

So, my question to you: What if you would acknowledge your connection to our planet? And consciously contribute to it with some energy even now and then?

TOOL: 1-2-3 to the Earth

When you’re feeling dreary and heavy and don’t know what to do…
Gather all weird energies and heaviness in your body between your hands…
1… 2… 3! To the earth and repeat until you feel lighter again 🙂
Discover your own Wizard 😉

*1-2-3 is an Access Consciouness® tool

Happy BDay dear Body! – Fijne Verjaardag lief Lichaam!

NEDERLANDS onderaan! DUTCH below!

Happy Birthday Body! Another BDay BLOG…
With birthdays people usually tell me “another year older, wiser an stronger”.
I like the wiser and stronger though the olding part not so much 🙂

In dutch we would say “aging day”… SAY WHAT?
Who says I HAVE TO age? 😀 Can we change that?

My body, like every body, has a certain aging program printed into it with how TIME works in our current reality. It’s a Matrix… confirmed by almost everyone on the planet as we are born and raised with that.
Time is really a construct, so that my body has get old according to that, is a construct too, that doesn’t have to be.
Shall we get out of that Matrix…? And start to tell our bodies something different…?
Just asking… 😉

I’m an Infinte being! 😀  Does my ‘soul’ really age…?
My body, is my body, and it WILL age… IF I tell it to…
Not sure if I will choose that. 🙂 Will you?

Actually, I have physically been un-aging and un-olding the last two years 🙂 Cool right?
I treat my body with amazing body work and processes that simply reverse olding and aging.
Every molecule had consciousness. You can consciously talk to every molecule.
Just like that.
I choose to talk to my body and to ask it to change and not to old itself, like everyone else is unconsciously choosing to.
Not from a resistance to get old or from “getting old is a bad thing”… From a questionable an playful point of view on change.
How much MAGIC can I be…?

“You get born, you age, your body gets older in human years, and you die, because that is what will happen”.
Is there ANY QUESTION in there to open up to more possibilities…?
What else is possible?

“Hey Body! What can we be or do different today to get younger right away? And to have fun being and doing that?”

People say I look younger, fitter, healthier and brighter…
That’s not supposed to be a possibility, right? Aren’t you supposed to get uglier, and to slowly start dying once you are approaching 30 and beyond? Isn’t your ‘Life’ supposed to go down the hill by then…?

If not for you… great! How does it get even better?
If yes… is that really what you would like to choose?

You might have some ‘programming’ in place that you might wanna get rid of to actually provide your body the Space to change and to maybe even get younger 🙂

What would it be like to get younger everyday? Consciously?
To just STOP talking your body old?
I wonder how it will respond… 😉

You don’t really age or old.
Your body does, if you let it.
Your body is very obedient to what you tell it to do or be.

Your point of view creates your reality AND your BODY.
What inspired point of view can you choose to rejuvenate your body right away?

I would love to hear what ideas will just pop up for you… 😉


Lichaam, Fijne Geboortedag! Nog een VerjaardagsBLOG… 🙂
Met verjaardagen zeggen mensen vaak “weer een jaar ouder, wijzer en sterker”.
Wijzer en sterker werken prima voor mij! Het ouder worden betwijfel ik…

In het Nederlands zeggen we vaak “Verjaardag” als in, “je wordt ouder”… WAT?
Wie zegt dat ik MOET VEROUDEREN? 😀 Kunnen we dat veranderen?

Mijn lichaam, zoals elk lichaam, is ingeprent met een bepaald verouderingsprogramma door hoe TIJD werkt in ons huidige realiteit. Een Matrix… bevestigd door vrijwel iedereen op deze planeet, aangezien daarmee geboren worden en opgroeien.
Tijd is werkelijk een constructie, dus dat mijn lichaam daardoor moet verouderen is ook een constructie, wat niet zo hoeft te zijn… Zullen we uit die Matrix stappen…?
Ik vraag maar… 😉

Ik ben een oneindig wezen! Veroudert mijn ‘ziel’ werkelijk?
Mijn lichaam is mijn lichaam, en het ZAL veranderen… ALS ik het dat vertel.
Niet zeker of dat ik dat zal kiezen… 🙂 Jij?

Eigenlijk ben ik de afgelopen 2 jaar fysiek gezien ont-jaart en ont-oudert (wellicht niet helemaal correct Nederlands, maar je snapt me vast wel… ) Tof toch?
Ik trakteer mijn lichaam met fantastisch lichaamswerk en processen die veroudering en verjaring terugdraaien.
Elke molecuul heeft bewustzijn en je kunt met elke molecuul bewust communiceren.
Niet vanuit een weerstand tegen het ouder worden of vanuit de mening dat ouder worden iets slechts is… Vanuit een afvragende en speelse kijk op verandering.
Hoe MAGISCH kan ik zijn?

“Je wordt geboren, wordt ouder in mensenjaren, je lichaam verouderd en je gaat dood, omdat dat is wat er zal gebeuren”.
Zit er EEN VRAAG in die stelling om meer mogelijkheden aan te boren?
Wat is er nog meer mogelijk hier…?

“Hey Lichaam! Wat kunnen we vandaag anders doen of zijn om direct te verjongen? Met plezier?”

Mensen zeggen dat ik er jonger, fitter, gezonder en stralender uit zie..
Dat is niet echt geacht mogelijk te zijn, toch? Het is toch eigenlijk zo dat je lelijker moet worden en langzaam moet beginnen met doodgaan als je de 30 voorbij bent? Moet je leven vanaf dan niet bergafwaarts gaan…?

Als dat niet zo is voor jou… Geweldig! Hoe wordt het nog beter?
Als dat wel zo is… is dat echt wat je zou willen kiezen?

Je hebt wellicht nog wat ‘programmering’ op zijn plek die je zou willen elimineren om je lichaam werkelijk de Ruimte te geven om te veranderen en wellicht zelfs jonger te worden 🙂

Zou zou het zijn om elke dag jonger te worden? Bewust? Om te STOPPEN met je lichaam ouder te praten?
Ik vraag me af hoe je lichaam zal reageren…

Jij verjaart en veroudert niet echt.
Jouw lichaam wel, als je dat toelaat.
Jouw lichaam is zeer trouw en opvolgend naar wat je het vertelt te doen of te zijn.

Jouw visie creert je realiteit EN je LICHAAM.
Wat voor geïnspireerde visie kun je vandaag kiezen om je lichaam meteen te laten verjongen?

Ik hoor graag wat je te binnen schiet… 😉

Being Self Empowered

By Merlijn 🙂

Wowzers… Renée’s Blog yesterday surely stirred the pot!
Yes, Renée take on the whole story was pretty direct and pretty clear on how things seem to work these days, and how people unconsciously function according to the point of view of this reality. How the medical en psychiatric care functions and how the people onder their wings function along with that, mostly with ‘no-choice’.

It seemingly brought up A LOT for A LOT of people who read it and I’m so extremely grateful for all your responses, points of view and questions! By phone, e-mail, private messages and especially those who were daring to write a comment below the Facebook post. Thank you!
You see, that is what creates a REAL CHANGE in the world. Being willing to open up a conversation en just look at stuff.
So… what else is possible?

Lots of people expressed their sadness.

To be quite honest, while reading the Blog myself, it made me sad at first.
And you know why? While stepping into Empowerment and demanding a more conscious life I continuously ridge up against all kinds of ways that I have made me smaller and less valuable than others or something else, according to the world we live in.
All the projections, conclusions, judgments, points of view of who and what I am that I have made real and true for me.
It does make me sad and it often even brings up a tear that I have -unconsciously- chosen to do that, thinking I didn’t have a choice 🙂

“You are this…” “You are that…” “You have this…” ” You have that…” ” You can’t change this…” “You’ll have to live with this…” “That is good for you” ” That is bad for you”…
Seriously…? Based on who’s point of view, judgment or conclusion?
What do YOU KNOW about YOU and YOUR BODY?

That awareness get clearer all the time. It can be razor-sharp and even painful to realize how unkind I have been to me, by making all of that TRUE for me, where that wasn’t true for me in the first place… That is what makes me sad at times.
I acknowledge that, let it be and I get over it. HOPPA!
“What can I choose now? Other than that?”

Acknowledging Choice is very powerful thing, as it empowers you to be the creator of your own reality.
Maybe a little uncomfortable at first and it becomes more and more fun to let your choice create your reality.

DONE. That is my choice 🙂
I’m done with being a victim and with having no choice.
As well, my ‘no-choice’ and victimization sticks all the people around me and creates unconscious control over them and their lives…
I’m not choosing that.
I love to receive everyones contribution to me out of choice, not out of being powerless.
That brings me and them way more joy as well.

I choose to have choice. And.. I LOVE IT!
It gives me space, freedom, lightness, possibility and control when needed.
It gives me the choice to be a contribution to others and to receive contribution out of gratitude.

I am the leader of my life.
Everyone else can keep on telling me how ‘small’, helpless, stupid an miserable I am… and I choose to not make that real for me anymore, because really…
What if we are as great and powerful as we choose to be ourselves?
However ‘big’ or ‘small’ that might be? As that is just a point of view as well… 🙂
What would it be like if everyone could enlarge or belittle their own potential out of choice?
What if there is nothing wrong with whatever choice?
What if no choice you ever made was ever wrong?
Choose, and choose again if you don’t like it anymore 🙂

And YES, I still ask others for help and guidance too, as I’m no where near to where I would like to be yet… though I’m on my way…
I ask for more each day, for me and for the world.
We are NOW having to deal with how we are NOW with all our baggage, which can lighten up as slowly or as fast as we like.
That is why I go with Empowerment. Empowering to own potential.

Each conclusion about who or what you are, that you lock into your world, becomes true for you.
Becomes true… Not IS true. What if every things is a choice and a creation? And what if you can un-create and choose differently?

What would it be like to be totally self empowered? To have own choice and no need for physical and psychological support? What would that be like as a reality? I wonder… 🙂

Please know, you have the choice to choose.
Your point of view creates your reality.
What would you like to choose and create? For you?

How magical can you be when being self-empowered?


Jouw Lichaam Creëren…

Het me opgevallen dat er maar weinig mensen zijn die werkelijk hun lichaam creëren.
‘Je lichaam creëren?’ Ja, jouw lichaam creëren…
Klinkt dat vreemd?

Wat als je je lichaam als een zaak/business zou kunnen zien? Iets met een leven op zich? Gewoon, heel praktisch. Heb je je wel eens af gevraagd waar het om vraagt?

Voeding? Water? Beweging? Aanraking? Seks? Nieuwe kleding? Warmte? Afkoeling? Inspanning? Ontspanning?
Wat weet jij?

Hoe zou het zijn je lichaam te erkennen en te creëren in plaats van het te negeren en het af te breken?
Zie jij veel mensen hun lichaam erkennen?
Of zie je meer mensen afbreuk doen aan hun lichaam? Door er keihard over te oordelen of te doen alsof het er niet is of ?

Zoveel mensen vinden het gek om het over hun lichaam te hebben als iets aparts, er vanuit gaande dat zij hun lichaam zijn…

Ben jij jouw lichaam?
Of ben jij Jij en is jouw lichaam jouw lichaam?

Wat als iedereen gewoonweg een lichaam ‘behuisd’?
Als fysieke bestaansvorm hier op aarde?
Iets waar je mee samenwerkt en waar je je bewust van bent (of zou kunnen zijn), net zoals met een collega of een vriend of vriendin.

Als er iets niet lijkt te werken in een relatie of vriendschap is het vaak handig om de ‘lucht te klaren’, te kijken naar de mogelijkheden en naar wat wel en niet werkt.

Wat als dat met je lichaam ook kan?
Het ‘praat’ wellicht niet terug met woorden, maar als je openstaat voor nieuw besef kan het je informatie geven die jullie samenwerking kan vergemakkelijken en leuker kan maken.

Wat als er niets mis is met je lichaam? Het is het oordeel of de visie die jij het geeft wat jouw fysieke realiteit creert…

Je lichaam te creëren, in plaats van het te vernietigen. Samen met je lichaam.
Hoe tof zou dat zijn?
Waarom zouden we anders ervoor hebben gekozen om een lichaam te hebben…?
Om er dingen mee te doen die leuk, tof, fijn en lekker zijn, die je zonder lichaam niet zou kunnen doen… Plezier te hebben…
Ik noem maar wat… Wat zou jij kiezen?

Je zou vragen kunnen stellen over alles wat het aan gaat…
“Hey Lichaam! Waar heb jij zin in? Waar heb jij behoefte aan? Wat wil jij doen vandaag?”

Of als er iets niet werkt of aan de hand is…
“Hey Lichaam! Wat is er gaande? Hoe kunnen we dit gemakkelijker maken? Wat werkt er niet? Wat kan er anders? Van wie is dit?

Doe es gek, probeer het eens en kijk wat voor inzichten je krijgt. Misschien gebeurt er wel wat…
Of beter gezegd, probeer het maar niet… 😉

Dus, gewoon iets om je af te vragen….

Waar vernietig jij je lichaam?
Waar zou je het kunnen gaan creëren? Op manieren die je nog niet voor mogelijk hield?

Wat is er nog meer mogelijk?