AAEAAQAAAAAAAANNAAAAJGY1MTdiOWE5LWZmNWQtNGE0My1iMTliLTlkMmUwOTZiZWMxOQI love working with bodies. I’ve gifted and received a couple massages again the last couple of weeks, combined with the Access Body Processes. Its amazing how my hands just seem to melt into the other persons body even more than with just a regular massage. Smooth silky touch, following the energy, letting the energies permeate all body tissues, letting the body talk to me, moving my hands where required. Energetically, going deeper.
I cant imagine touching a body without all of that anymore!

This is where people who have a hard time relaxing and receiving, finally relax and receive. Its such a gift to work on and touch a body that is actually receiving! And for me, there is such a difference in what my body can receive after more than 3,5 years of Access Body work, while before I used to ly on the massage table and still have slight resitence or rigidity.

Bodies like to be touched. Touching bodies is not wrong… It is delicious, healing, it can be joyful and it does not have to mean or imply anything other than caring touch.

What does the body know? What do our bodies know about touch and being touched?
What magic, of moving your body and all its molecules by simply touching, stroking and caressing it, can you allow your body to have?


Celebrating ONE Year of Conscious.Body.Movement. The Radio Show

Celebrating Life…

Last week I had this funky feel around doing the weekly Radio Show I do together with my CBM buddy Greg Dyer, an amazing health and fitness professional in the United States.
It was like is wasn’t up for it, not inspired, or my body was wiped out or whatever it was…

When Greg touched in with me I was like “Buddy, I need a break from the show”
We chatted a bit like we do.
Then he said “Do you know that it’s our One Year Anniversary…?”

BOOM. My eyes swelled up.

“What…? OMG. We’ve been doing it for 1 year already…? I’m speechless…” and for just a minute, I cried like a baby. So grateful, and so was my body.

Time has flown by. So many things have been created. So many subjects have crossed the conversations. So much has changed. So much energy went into creating a greater possibility with Conscious. Body. Movement. and so much is still being generated.

I’m proud. Thank you Greg.

Many THANKS to everyone who has supported us, listened to the shows and reached out to us!
Thanks for Steve for joining CBM
Y’all are and have been an amazing contribution!
There’s no show without listeners you know!


So, he said: “You wanna do the show next week”
I said: “Yeah sure, let’s celebrate. Celebrate life. Thats what we are here for. To Enjoy Life”

So here we go! Who’s joining us? To CELEBRATE?

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Conscious. Body. Movement. - Merlijn Wolsink & Greg Dyer & Dr. Steve Peisner

Waar vraagt jouw lichaam om?

Merlijn Wolsink - Waar vraagt jouw lichaam om?Grote weersveranderingen de afgelopen tijd!

Mijn lichaam is duidelijk om andere dingen gaan vragen:
Ander eten, andere en dikkere kleding, warmer water en af en toe een buitenwandeling om te wennen aan de andere temperatuur, de ‘kou’…

Wie moet zich het meeste aanpassen aan het veranderende weer? Jij? Of jouw lichaam?

Waar vraagt jouw lichaam om?
Waar heeft het de afgelopen dagen al om gevraagd, wat je wellicht nog niet volledig erkend hebt?

Wat als je zou luisteren naar de signalen, beelden, ideeën en andere weernemingen die jouw lichaam je geeft?

Met hoeveel meer gemak kan jij jezelf en jouw lichaam voorzien als je daar bewuster op zou letten? Vooral als de weersomstandigheden wat veranderlijker zijn tijdens de seizoenswisselingen?

Luister… kies… neem aktie.
Geef toe. Verzorg. Koester. Geniet…

Hoe kunnen de komende herfst en winterseizoenen comfortabeler en fijner zijn voor jou en voor jouw lichaam dan dat je ooit voor mogelijk hield?

What is your Body asking for?

Merlijn Wolsink - What is your body asking for?Some great weather changes lately!

My body has been asking for different things:
Different food, thicker and different clothing, warmer water, an occasional walk outside to get used to the different temperature, the ‘cold’…

Who has to adjust to the weather changes most? You? Or your body?

What is Your Body asking for?
What has it been asking for over the last couple of days, that you might have not fully acknowledged?

What if you were to listen to the signals, pictures, ideas and other awarenesses your body is giving you?

How much more ease would it provide for your body and yourself if you would pay a more attention to that? Especially when the weather is shifting around a little more during a more sudden season change?

Just listen, choose, take action.
Nurture. Care For. Indulge. Enjoy…

How can the “colder seasons” to come, be more comfortable for you and you body than you ever imagined possible?

Are you twisting your Awareness into a “Feeling?”

Merlijn Wolsink - Feeling - Awareness‘Feeling’ mostly goes heavy in your body.
Just ‘being aware’ of it allows it to stay an awareness.

If you are aware of something and you say “I feel” you make it yours when it isn’t yours and you basically tell your body to hold onto that.

What would happen if you would acknowledge what you are aware of rather than twisting your awareness into a “feeling” that wasn’t even yours in the first place?

Would you rather feel everything around you?
Or simply be aware of it?

Why do I show my body to the world?

Merlijn Wolsink by Stef Lohstroh en Isabeau BosscherHow much time do we spend living with our bodies? Our entire lives…?

At a young age we are told to cover our bodies up, dress ourselves appropriately.
And if you don’t have the ‘appropriate’ body size or image you should cover yourself up all the way.
“Don’t show your body. It’s hideous. Put some clothes on.”
Does that contribute to the freedom of living?

I choose not to see bodies as something to be ashamed of.
I choose to stop beating my body and other peoples body down for so called imperfections.
I choose to stop hiding my body, it’s uniqueness, beauty and everything it is.

I’m not saying “go run around naked”… or what would that take? LOL.
Be smart and be aware of where you are and who you are with. What can they receive?
You could make it easy on yourself to not get undressed when people will judge the hell out of you.
And if you’re willing to be judged, receive the judgment and create a change in the world, present the possibility that bodies are to be proud of, to be nurtured, honored and cared for, go ahead…

Not out of rebellion. For the possibility of the greatness of embodiment and vulnerability.

Have you noticed that children have no judgment of their body? They mostly just enjoy it and they touch and show their private parts with no point of view. It’s there and part of their body… why wouldn’t they? When they get older, all thoughts and judgments they have learned, picked up on and created themselves on top of that, sticks in their universe, which will most likely create limitation in their universe, body, the way they function and even how they do business and the ability to receive money.
It’s not who they are originally. All judgments we carry along are extra weight we don’t need.

What if we could create together with our kids? Beyond the perversion of this reality?
What would it be like if they have a different reality with their body? One that supports them and makes having a body a joyful, blissful and pleasant experience? Their own?

Because… how long will they have to live with their bodies? Their whole entire life…?

What if we were to to give kids the information they require? Increase they awareness, ask them questions about what they would like to choose and create?

What if we would let our kids know at early age:
“There are some things you have to be aware of… Touching your body is not wrong. Showing your body is not wrong. Enjoying your body is not wrong. Inside the house you can be yourself, run around naked and touch your body. You could even choose to do that outside, at school and all the other places you go. That is always your choice. Just know… this reality is a little interesting and generally not so kind… People will think and say you are weird, bad, dirty, and inappropriate. Most people won’t like it and they will judge you. When you will grow older you even have the chance to be send to prison for being naked on the street, for showing your body and touching it. It’s considered to be very wrong, which is just a point of view. What would you like to choose? Would you be willing to be aware of what other people will say, think and do? So you can be yourself at anytime? To dress yourself ‘appropriately’ when you ‘have to’ and do what is required for you to be happy with your body?”

I have lived in this reality long enough to know what I’m ‘allowed’ to do or not do. I know when I can push the limits a little or a lot, or not. I’m willing to receive the judgments too. Just judge me. And my body. It’s ok. Because… It’s not really mine anyway and not my body’s either :).

I’m freaking proud of my body. All of it. And I’m working pretty darn intensely at changing all the judgments and insanity that’s still lingering around that are preventing me to fully enjoy living this life.
And living in this reality… requires a body.

Be Proud. Honor. Nurture. Care For. Vitalize. Be Grateful. Enjoy.

If you you had no judgment of your body and other bodies… what would life be like?

Happy BDay dear Body! – Fijne Verjaardag lief Lichaam!

NEDERLANDS onderaan! DUTCH below!

Happy Birthday Body! Another BDay BLOG…
With birthdays people usually tell me “another year older, wiser an stronger”.
I like the wiser and stronger though the olding part not so much 🙂

In dutch we would say “aging day”… SAY WHAT?
Who says I HAVE TO age? 😀 Can we change that?

My body, like every body, has a certain aging program printed into it with how TIME works in our current reality. It’s a Matrix… confirmed by almost everyone on the planet as we are born and raised with that.
Time is really a construct, so that my body has get old according to that, is a construct too, that doesn’t have to be.
Shall we get out of that Matrix…? And start to tell our bodies something different…?
Just asking… 😉

I’m an Infinte being! 😀  Does my ‘soul’ really age…?
My body, is my body, and it WILL age… IF I tell it to…
Not sure if I will choose that. 🙂 Will you?

Actually, I have physically been un-aging and un-olding the last two years 🙂 Cool right?
I treat my body with amazing body work and processes that simply reverse olding and aging.
Every molecule had consciousness. You can consciously talk to every molecule.
Just like that.
I choose to talk to my body and to ask it to change and not to old itself, like everyone else is unconsciously choosing to.
Not from a resistance to get old or from “getting old is a bad thing”… From a questionable an playful point of view on change.
How much MAGIC can I be…?

“You get born, you age, your body gets older in human years, and you die, because that is what will happen”.
Is there ANY QUESTION in there to open up to more possibilities…?
What else is possible?

“Hey Body! What can we be or do different today to get younger right away? And to have fun being and doing that?”

People say I look younger, fitter, healthier and brighter…
That’s not supposed to be a possibility, right? Aren’t you supposed to get uglier, and to slowly start dying once you are approaching 30 and beyond? Isn’t your ‘Life’ supposed to go down the hill by then…?

If not for you… great! How does it get even better?
If yes… is that really what you would like to choose?

You might have some ‘programming’ in place that you might wanna get rid of to actually provide your body the Space to change and to maybe even get younger 🙂

What would it be like to get younger everyday? Consciously?
To just STOP talking your body old?
I wonder how it will respond… 😉

You don’t really age or old.
Your body does, if you let it.
Your body is very obedient to what you tell it to do or be.

Your point of view creates your reality AND your BODY.
What inspired point of view can you choose to rejuvenate your body right away?

I would love to hear what ideas will just pop up for you… 😉


Lichaam, Fijne Geboortedag! Nog een VerjaardagsBLOG… 🙂
Met verjaardagen zeggen mensen vaak “weer een jaar ouder, wijzer en sterker”.
Wijzer en sterker werken prima voor mij! Het ouder worden betwijfel ik…

In het Nederlands zeggen we vaak “Verjaardag” als in, “je wordt ouder”… WAT?
Wie zegt dat ik MOET VEROUDEREN? 😀 Kunnen we dat veranderen?

Mijn lichaam, zoals elk lichaam, is ingeprent met een bepaald verouderingsprogramma door hoe TIJD werkt in ons huidige realiteit. Een Matrix… bevestigd door vrijwel iedereen op deze planeet, aangezien daarmee geboren worden en opgroeien.
Tijd is werkelijk een constructie, dus dat mijn lichaam daardoor moet verouderen is ook een constructie, wat niet zo hoeft te zijn… Zullen we uit die Matrix stappen…?
Ik vraag maar… 😉

Ik ben een oneindig wezen! Veroudert mijn ‘ziel’ werkelijk?
Mijn lichaam is mijn lichaam, en het ZAL veranderen… ALS ik het dat vertel.
Niet zeker of dat ik dat zal kiezen… 🙂 Jij?

Eigenlijk ben ik de afgelopen 2 jaar fysiek gezien ont-jaart en ont-oudert (wellicht niet helemaal correct Nederlands, maar je snapt me vast wel… ) Tof toch?
Ik trakteer mijn lichaam met fantastisch lichaamswerk en processen die veroudering en verjaring terugdraaien.
Elke molecuul heeft bewustzijn en je kunt met elke molecuul bewust communiceren.
Niet vanuit een weerstand tegen het ouder worden of vanuit de mening dat ouder worden iets slechts is… Vanuit een afvragende en speelse kijk op verandering.
Hoe MAGISCH kan ik zijn?

“Je wordt geboren, wordt ouder in mensenjaren, je lichaam verouderd en je gaat dood, omdat dat is wat er zal gebeuren”.
Zit er EEN VRAAG in die stelling om meer mogelijkheden aan te boren?
Wat is er nog meer mogelijk hier…?

“Hey Lichaam! Wat kunnen we vandaag anders doen of zijn om direct te verjongen? Met plezier?”

Mensen zeggen dat ik er jonger, fitter, gezonder en stralender uit zie..
Dat is niet echt geacht mogelijk te zijn, toch? Het is toch eigenlijk zo dat je lelijker moet worden en langzaam moet beginnen met doodgaan als je de 30 voorbij bent? Moet je leven vanaf dan niet bergafwaarts gaan…?

Als dat niet zo is voor jou… Geweldig! Hoe wordt het nog beter?
Als dat wel zo is… is dat echt wat je zou willen kiezen?

Je hebt wellicht nog wat ‘programmering’ op zijn plek die je zou willen elimineren om je lichaam werkelijk de Ruimte te geven om te veranderen en wellicht zelfs jonger te worden 🙂

Zou zou het zijn om elke dag jonger te worden? Bewust? Om te STOPPEN met je lichaam ouder te praten?
Ik vraag me af hoe je lichaam zal reageren…

Jij verjaart en veroudert niet echt.
Jouw lichaam wel, als je dat toelaat.
Jouw lichaam is zeer trouw en opvolgend naar wat je het vertelt te doen of te zijn.

Jouw visie creert je realiteit EN je LICHAAM.
Wat voor geïnspireerde visie kun je vandaag kiezen om je lichaam meteen te laten verjongen?

Ik hoor graag wat je te binnen schiet… 😉