Choice of Possibilities

12809796_10153283668095736_5791289046847265200_nParis’ early morning soundscape is filled with birds singing their song, accompanied by the gentle buzz of the city… It’s still dark, and getting lighter.

Choice of Possibilities with Gary Douglas starts today 💫

Setting foot in the city of love’s Gare Du Nord was very different this time… I just kinda softly dreamed through it, other than choosing the hardness of being in the city.

Lovely Alun and myself were hanging out at our apartment. Down time, relaxing our bodies, cheese, wine, nibbles, long conversations about the possibilities of life, receiving, things that have show up for us and the choices we are making. It’s an incredibly different space we are in. In comparison to last year and the year before that. Grateful and always great to hang out with you dear friend.

So looking forward to the next three days with Gary Douglas and his brilliance and to playing with all the ‘new’ and ‘old’ choosing ones in class ✨

Who is actually ‘new’ or ‘old’ to consciousness…? All these classes do is allow you to Access yours with more ease, speed, clarity and a touch of ‘magic’… and to take your sweet body along for the ride.

Never have I had so little expectations of a an Access class. And I know there are so many things to choose and create and receive!

A typical Access question: “What are the infinite possibilities?” used to freak me out big time! It would make me feel like I have to choose and have it all at once. And at the same time having nothing to hold on to, like an astronaut without a home-base floating around in space 🌌

Now I’ve been floating and flying for a while and choosing from that space actually becomes greater, with a fullness.

And in terms of choices with my body: I have lungs that work super well and a body that is strong, healthy and amazing.
And I enjoy it!!

What if everything is a possibility to choose?