Fear & Excitement…

Merlijn Wolsink - Fear or excitement - Scared or excitedDid you know that these are the same processes in the Body? Neurologically and biochemically?

From early age on we’ve all just been learned that FEAR is real…
“Don’t be scared honey…!”
“Eh… Am I scared?”

What if Fear is not real?
How excited are you truly, under that fear?
Could it be that underneath that, there is such a level of energy and life-force, that this reality has tried to suppress? ‘Cause you might become and be ‘too much’…?

Which one feels lighter? 
Which one feels heavier?
Which one would you rather function from?

Are you fearful? Or Super Excited?

If you wouldn’t let the excitement in your life be tamed down by the lie of fear…
How Excited would you Be? For Life…?

Your Choice is Magic…

Merlijn Wolsink - Choice is YoursOne of the true elements of Magic… Choice.
Choice Creates.

Do you realize that you do have choice in everything you do and be?

Not Choosing something different is a Choice to stay where you are.
That’s not right or wrong. It’s just Choice, a Possibility.

You DO have choice. Always.
Wheter that is to Live or Die… Believe it or not, If your choice is truly true, physical reality will catch up with your choices.

Sometimes it’s easy and super fast. Sometimes you gotta be persistent. Just keep on choosing… 

What if we all are powerful beyond belief…?
What are you choosing my friends?


Merlijn Wolsink - Change DepressionGood morning lovelies all over the world! How can I inspire you today? 

How aware are you today?
If today you got up fighting yet another depression, migraine, heaviness or anything else that seems insurmountable… Would you be willing to ask… “Who does this belong to?” or “who the **** does this belong to?” 
If it lightens up or changes in any tiny way, it’s NOT yours. 

Just that you are Aware and you have Always been aware of other peoples shit, junk, unhappiness, disease etc. does not mean it was yours to start with. Just because it might be kinda programmed in your body and feel sooooo real, does not mean that it has to stay. AND you CAN’T FIX something that is not yours.
So… If you are willing to start clearing this: “UnCreate & Destroy where I made this mine and return it aaaaall to sender, with consciousness attached.”

Unless you really secretly and deeply Love your depression of course…
What do You know?

Amazing day!