10356265_10153138632770736_129762899977913490_nHave you ever wondered if you could do or be something, and then… you did it? Or became it? Or got it?

Are you still wondering? In the midst of all the fast, busy, work, relationships and other wacky things?

Do you still have it? Do you recognize your wonder? Or did it become a little dusty with everything you had to do and be…?

Last two weekends I facilitated another series of Access Consciousness Classes. ‘Another class’ does never quite grasp the wondrous character of each class. Im still buzzing myself.

What all these tools can create and change!

The wonder I see invoked in peoples worlds and bodies… The continuous ‘wake up’ during class is very disarming and captivating… Especially when people surprise themselves!

The moments like: “Omg… can I really do this? Can I be this…? Really, I’m not wrong? Am I capable of this…? Somehow I’ve always known about this…”

Really…? 😉 What DID you know? What you always knew and couldn’t really… grasp? Or access?

It is really ‘waking up’ because we all are this by ‘nature’…

The wondrous spark in someones eyes, the occasional tears of recognition, acknowledgement and possibility… the body that come to life…

The sense of powerlessness coming off, the knowing opening up, awareness expanding and the receiving of self and others dynamically increasing…

Sinking in, like a feather, pinch… or like a sledgehammer!

All these inner or outspoken adventures people flow through in just four days… Lucky me to witness this time after time!

When the colored veils come off, people have an entirely different world. It might be the same world, yet their perception of it might be wider, greater, bigger, grander…


I wonder what they will all choose now? To live, be, do, have, create…?
And what wonder their lives will open up to?

So I wonder… what would it be like to wonder? And to keep on wondering?
Not because I write it…
What if you were to wonder for nobody else but… you?


Merlijn Wolsink - ReceiveReceive…

The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly.

The softness, the sweetness, the hardness, the meanness, the kindness, the unkindness, the rigidity, the pain, the expansion, the power, the loveliness…

Receive it all…
It’s all there anyway.

You can try to hide and shield yourself from all thats out there… yet, if you deny it and keep it in the dark, it will start growing to lead a life of its own, giving it power over you.
When you receive the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly of life at anytime, nothing or no one will ever be able hurt you or belittle you.

Let it all in… Let it run through you…
Exclude nothing – it’s all just energy.

And… If there is no wall, there is no resistance, there’s nothing to ridge up against and there is no surface for it to stick.
And… you will have choice to choose, at any time.

You are the power and energy of Receiving.
Drop your barriers, walls and shields… and RECEIVE, Receive, receive….

Receive everything…
Receive everything that’s out there…
Receive everything you are aware of…
Receive everything other people choose…
Receive everything you are, everything you could be, everything you could choose…
Receive You, as you are right this moment…

Receive it all…

How much can you Receive?

“All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory”
Access Consciousness™ Mantra

How much Gratitude for You are You Willing to Receive?  

On Gifting and Receiving ‘Thank Yous’ and True and Artificial Gratitude…
Merlijn Wolsink - How much gratitude are you willing to receive What if you would receive all of it?

The other day I was talking to a very dear friend of mine. I told her I was truly grateful for what she has been and done for me over the last couple of years. First she was like: “Huh? Oh… I didn’t realize how much that meant for you”. Then she thanked me for letting her know, as she wasn’t totally aware of that. Then I said “Yeah, you are welcome. I really mean it! Thank you.” Then she said “Yeah… Eh… Great… Can we stop now…?!?!?” So we stopped. That was a little too much gratitude.

How many people do you know that get highly uncomfortable when you say “thank you”, including… yourself?

Do you wanna say “oh please don’t thank me!” or “it was nothing” or “it’s ok” or “no problem” or “no thanks” or “no worries” or maybe even “you’re welcome”…? And… kinda run away real fast? Or pull your invisible barriers up ’cause it’s too much… to receive?

The beauty of true gratitude is, it requires no judgment. It’s a space… A rich, abundant and full space, for many people – still including myself sometimes – hard to receive, as we are so entrained to functioning from ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and ‘not receiving’.

Receiving true gratitude can be almost excruciating to many people, as not many of us have grown up with it and it has been messed with along the way.
Sometimes it takes a while to permeate itself through the barriers we have created around ourselves.
And with those walls in place, it can be hard for us too to be truly Grateful and express Gratitude towards others.

Where did that true sense of gratitude get twisted? I’m sure it got twisted in many ways that I can’t quite cover in a simple blog…

For example…

I was not a great talker as a child. Maybe you weren’t either. Expressing myself through words was one of the hardest things and I know I’ve given my parents countless sleepless night because of it.
Speaking of: thank you mom and dad for bearing with me, when I had no vocabulary to put to words how I felt.
I know I have been very grateful for receiving gifts and used to rather think “thank you” or let my eyes speak. I rather wanted them to fish it out of my head, yet, often I still HAD to squish and stutter out ‘thank you’, out loud.

How many of you had to say “thank you” as a child? Maybe for things you didn’t even want or had asked for, or for something you didn’t understand. It’s a greatness to show kids what gratitude is AND there is a difference between ‘being grateful’ and ‘doing grateful’, what a lot of people misunderstand.
Through all the thick stuff, many of us were forced into saying “thank you” and ‘be grateful’, under the spells of other peoples projections or expectations. That is doing grateful.

How many of you could pretty much hear the mind of the person that expected a loud and clear ‘thank you’ from you? Was that truly giving or receiving a thank you…? Was that being grateful being? Or was having to be and play a good and appropriate child?

Have you ever noticed that various ‘thank yous’ feel different? A lot of people use ‘artificial gratitude’. It’s not true. You mostly know it when people are truly grateful and mean it. And you mostly know it when people don’t mean it and only say it because they have to. It feels different. The energy is different. Recognize that?

Do you think that all of the above have created just a little bit of confusion in your world, making it just a little harder to gift and receive Gratitude? The energy -how things and situations feel- always comes first. If the words don’t match that particular energy or feeling, it can create huge confusion in your world and unconsciously pull up your barriers. Preventing you from receiving anything…
Gifting is usually not even really the issue… People kinda enjoy giving. It’s the whole gratitude and receiving thing.

Whats easier to receive? True gratitude or forced and artificial gratitude? All can be easy to receive. Just recognizing the sense of both will start making it easier and clearer. What if you were to receive all ‘thank yous’? Whether they are true or not…?

If you receive all that is coming your way, you will start to have a clearer sense and notice of when others are truly grateful for you. And that might be even more than you realize right now… When you start receiving gratitude and truly let it in, all of what has been waiting for you to receive, will be invited to show up so you can still receive it. And you will become a greater invitation for Gratitude than you already are…

When your capacity to receive increases, your capacity to be grateful will expand too.

What else is possible if you were to keep them barriers down when people thank you? Even if it’s just for your friendship, your presence? Your Being? The gift you are to their lives?
And receive, receive, receive it…?

“Thank You… :-)”

If the past would remain the past…
How much gratitude for You are you willing to receive…? From now on?

December STRESS…?

*Practical Energy Management for the Holiday Season!*

Merlijn Wolsink - December Kerst StressDecember stress, tension and anxiety… Is that familiar to you?

For years, December used to be a dreadful month for me, until I started using Access Tools, questions and started making different choices.

I found out that: the more I got to be kind and at peace with myself and the more honoring of me and my body I got, the greater my contribution to the other people around me became.
“Me happy and clear: We even happier”

Even when other people’s ‘busy’, desperation and stressful energies are SO present, energetically prevailing, unbearable and overwhelming…
If it’s not yours, it’s NOT YOURS and you can’t even solve of fix it.

Though… you CAN change the way you deal with all of that… 😉
Here are some practical tools for the December month! Or… for the rest of your life… 😉

*Steps for dealing with December Stress and Christmas Insanity*

1. Acknowledge the stress, tension and other energies when they come up and when you feel them in your body – whether you have words for it or not-
“Ok, I am noticing this right now.”

2. Say or think the following process:
Uncreate and Destroy everywhere I’ve made -everything this is- mine and everything that allows it to exist in my system, body and universe. POC & POD (read more about “Uncreating and Destroying” and “POC & POD” on www.theclearingstatement.com)

3. Send it back:
I return -everything this is- to sender, with consciousness attached -you don’t need to know where it came from for this to work- and let it leave your body. If it stays, repeat step 2 a couple of times.

4. Acknowledge that your awareness of everything and everyone -worldwide- might be bigger than you have ever realized. A perception -energetically, or with whatever sense- is simply an awareness. Nothing more, nothing less. The fact that you pick up on tensed energies others have, and that you feel those in your body, does not mean you have to do anything with it.
“Ok, I am aware of this… Am I picking this up? Is this mine? Is this someone else’s? Ok, I’m picking this up. No big deal. Let’s not make this mine”

5. Then, recognize it when other people DO function from the energies that you don’t desire to choose. You can leave that with them, let them choose whatever they choose en be in allowance of their choice:
“Ok, this person is functioning like this right now. Cool. What can and will I choose?”

If you change and choose your energy while being with others, it usually automatically changes the ambiance and energy of the entire situation. Mostly, you don’t even have to say something about it… you just have to be willing to change it for you first.

How does it get even better than that? 😉

What phenomenal and magical December month is truly possible?
In true peace, that starts with YOU first?

* The tools in this post are Access Consciousness® tools

December Stress…?

*Praktisch Energie Management voor de Feestmaanden*

Merlijn Wolsink - December Kerst StressDecember spanningen en kerst stress… Voor jou ook herkenbaar?

Voor mij was de december maand jaren lang een verschrikkelijke maand, totdat ik Access Consciousness® Tools ging gebruiken, vragen ging stellen en andere keuzes ging maken.

Ik merkte dat toen ik meer ‘at peace’ kon zijn met mijzelf, eervoller en aardiger ging zijn voor mij én mijn lichaam en dat ik ook nog eens een grotere bijdrage was aan anderen.

“Ik blij en helder: wij nog blijer.”

Al zijn andermans drukte, wanhoop een stress energieën ZO aanwezig, energetisch prevalerend, voor jou ondraaglijk of overweldigend…

Als het niet van jou is… kan je er niets mee en kan je te ook niet oplossen!

Hier zijn wat tools voor tijdens de feestmaand! Of… voor heel je leven… 😉

*Stappenplan voor omgang met Kerst Stress en Spanningen*

1. Erken de stress, spanning en andere energieën als ze naar boven komen en als je ze voelt in jouw lichaam -ongeacht of je er nou wel of geen woorden voor hebt-
“Ok, -alles wat dit is- ik merk dit nu.”

2. Ontkoppel jezelf van de reactie erop door het volgende proces te doen:
Ontcreeer en vernietig overal waar ik -alles wat dit is- ooit van mij gemaakt heb en alles wat het toelaat te bestaan in mijn lichaam, universum en systeem. POC & POD
(meer over “Ontcreëren, vernietigen” en “POC & POD” kan je hier lezen:  )

3. Stuur het dan terug:
Ik stuur -alles wat dit is- retour afzender, met bewustzijn -je hoeft niet te weten waar naartoe- en laat het ook je lichaam verlaten. Als het blijft hangen, herhaal stap 2 nog een paar keer.

4. Erken dat jouw waarneming van alles en iedereen om je heen veel groter is dan je wellicht beseft. Een waarneming -energetisch, of met welk zintuig dan ook- is simpelweg een waarneming. Niets meer, niets minder. Dat je stress en spanning van anderen opmerkt en voelt in jouw lichaam, betekent nog niet dat je daar iets mee hoeft.
“Ok, ik BEN me bewust hiervan… Neem ik dit waar? Is dit van mij? Of van iemand anders? Ok, ik neem dit waar. No big deal. Laat ik dit niet van mij maken”

5. Dan, herken het wanneer anderen wel functioneren vanuit de energieën die jij niet wenst. Zo kan je dat allemaal bij hen kan laten en kan je hen laten kiezen wat zij kiezen, in toelating  van hun keuze.
“Ok, deze persoon functioneert zo. Cool. Ga ik ik dit ook kiezen? Wat anders kan en zal ik nu kiezen?”

Als jij jouw energie verandert en andere energie kiest in bijzijn van anderen, verandert dat eigenlijk altijd automatisch de sfeer en energie van de situatie. Meestal zonder dat je daar iets over hoeft te zeggen… Het enge wat jij hoeft te doen is het alleen eerst voor jou willen veranderen.

Hoe wordt het nog beter dan dat? 😉

Wat voor een fantastisch feestmaand is er werkelijk mogelijk?
In ware vrede, die bij JOU zelf begint?

* De tools in deze post zijn Access Consciousness® Tools

Being Kind during the Holidays?

Merlijn Wolsink - Kindness Holiday SeasonHoliday Season! Yay!
Happy times for many and not so happy times for others.

I wonder what is possible if you would have a sweet and delicate look at what you would like to create this month?
Here are some things to ponder…

What would the Holiday Season be like if you would…

– be with people you totally enjoy hanging out with?
– give yourself and your body -more- choice?
– truly enjoy every bite of food you eat?
– know it when your body has had enough food?
– choose to be with yourself for a bit if you would like to?
– know that choosing for you does not have to mean you are choosing against others?
– have a look at the ‘ have-to’s ‘ and things you usually do to please others?
– choose to enjoy the ‘ have-to’s ‘ if you are going to do them anyway?
– keep on ‘returning to sender’ all the holiday stress you are picking up from others?
– know and expand your own space, energy and lightness?
– reach out to others your self when you are lost in your own space?
– be present in every moment?
– be kind to you?
– be kind to your body?
– be kind to others?
– be in harmony with yourself, your body and your surroundings?

What would you like your holiday season to be like…?
What an amazing holiday season is truly possible?