Today I got home. Soaked from walking through the rain I stepped foot Into my house. I hang up my coat, turned on the lights, unpacked my suitcase, looked around and saw myself in the mirror: peaceful Im happy Loving my crazy ever expanding life, with all the good bad and ugly, in this sometimes… Read More Happy

Omi is my greatest fan :)

Omi Jeanne is wearing my #befree #behappy#beyou gear as well 😍✨👕 I LOVE you Omi! Reveiving so many pictures from all over the world from people wearing my design in so many different colors!   💜💙💚💛❤️💖 I LOVE it! So cool! And… I just LOVE this babyblue hoodie 💙 So much 💖 today! A new campaign is coming peeps… I’m working on it. Stay tuned! ✨