Being a Thundercloud & Being Space

How many people to you know that walk around with a big invisible thundercloud? Is it fun to be with those people? How do you – and your body – respond to them?
Light? Or Heavy?

angry_cloud_by_JaponicaChanIn my vision ‘heaviness’ and/or ‘tension’ is a just an invisible ‘energetic field’ you carry with you. Something that usually doesn’t go unnoticed and gets picked up by other people instantaneously. For example: when you show up at work – after a sleepless, heavy night and morning, totally angry at everyone and everything, unwilling to see or talk to anyone, feeling like a little bomb, about to explode… – your colleagues just simply turn around and walk away from you because you’re not specifically the ‘lightest’ person in the room… or without you saying anything verbally, they will say:
“Great mood today huh? Good morning to you too!”

I don’t mean taxes or anything. I’m talking about a Being thing: Being Electrically charged. Basically, that ‘thunder cloud’ could be seen as an charged electromagnetic field: Plus and Minus – Positive and Negative. It has got a certain density to it, a ‘charge’. Like a battery or an electric generator. It is something you can not really see with the human eye – it is something we all “feel”, sense and notice.

091118.3107.pylonThe wavelength and vibration of electricity is very sensible to most people. Have you ever walked by or under and electrical transmission tower or power pylon? Did you feel normal or just a little weird?
Chances are high that you picked up on the electricity

that is just zooming, buzzing through the air – the positive and negative.
This ‘electrical energy field’ that people carry around generally fluctuates from a heavier charge to more ‘space’ – from heavy to light.


Then there is the opposite: when you walk around the forest, park or anywhere else with more nature, do you feel different then? It has got a sense of space and lightness to it. The sense of space and in general makes people and their bodies relax and get out of tension.

Most people cannot deal with this entirely conscious:
It all just ‘happens’ to them.
It comes down to people not being able to master their energetic economy, so they can actually ‘feel nice’ in stead of ‘feeling heavy’.

I wonder if there is a big misapplication in being positive and being space.
How many people do you know that you see as ‘positive’ people and actually don’t have a ‘charge’ at all?
They are actually ‘lighter’ to be with. Less ‘charge’, more ‘space’ than ‘electricity’.
Usually, they don’t really judge much, which you can sense in what they radiate – lightness, ease to be with and you and your body relax around them.
I like to call them FUN people in stead of positive people.

You can mostly know and sense when someone is judging the hell out of someone or something, without using any words. You can ‘feel’ or perceive the charge.

What if being positive creates a thunder cloud as well? What if being space actually provides more ease for you and all the molecules in your body and – through being that – for all the people around you?

I’ve had clients getting back to me after a couple of sessions, saying: “It’s like I’ve become more attractive and approachable now! More work, more possibilities and more fun!”
They got rid of a lot of electrical charge they were having. From having to be ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ to just simply Being Space with no barriers, so other people didn’t have to bounce off their ‘electric fence’ anymore. They were just being them without a charge so others could actually approach them.

Every molecule responds according to the energy that surrounds it. With less charge and more space, the molecules can be their rounded shape. When influenced by electricity – positive and negative – they tend to become elliptical, to sickle to total distortion, creating un-ease or illness in the body.

I’m not saying electricity and polarity is bad 🙂 It just requires a way to consciously deal with it. It’s there anyway.
In fact electricity very useful in this technical reality and how it is functioning now.
I’m telling you, I’m so grateful for the light in my house at night and for my computer, enabling me to connect with everybody all around the world in a heartbeat.

So how much do our bodies actually create un-ease or dis-ease when influenced by electricity or polarity?
That could be from the electromagnetic charge that our thoughts create and all the other electrical charges we pick up from our surroundings, machines and people.

We’re all connected anyway, at least, that’s how I like to see it. Though the reality we live in is mainly based on words and verbal communication.

All words have a certain charge/energy: whether that is heavy or a light.
Have you ever noticed that some words, lines, e-mails, text messages just make you feel weird and heavy? Some of those have an incredible charge when you read or think them. Those words and messages ARE charged as they are used now, which activates that energy instantaneously.
Ever noticed that when you think differently your energy totally changes? From heavy to Light, or the other way around?

Our point of view creates our reality and every word we use is extremely powerful.
We create electricity all the time with what we think, feel, emote and judge as good or bad – positive and negative – it all has a certain sense and density to it.
So the energy and charge of thoughts, feelings and emotions will most likely impact everything in your life, because that is the energy you are putting out and/or keeping in place to create from.

Those electric ‘thunderclouds’ will thunder, rain, storm and strike lightening as long as they are kept in existence. Everyone is capable of consciously changing any sort of energy.

How do you create more ‘Space’ in stead of polarity?

Have you ever noticed then when you are judged, it doesn’t always ‘feel’ that nice?
It’s heavy or it’s got an edge to it most of the time.
That can be negative or positive – both polarities.

Did you ever notice that when a certain judgment stopped – from wherever it came from – you and your body just started to relax? As if it dissipated? And you could finally ‘shake it off’?
I most likely felt YUK and it wasn’t yours in the first place: it was actually given to you or projected at you from outside.

That is what animals do: when they meet, they sniff and perceive the other animal. When they leave each other again, they just shake off whatever they picked up from the other animal. Whether is was good or bad, that energy doesn’t belong to them, so they just get rid of it.
Animals don’t really function from judgement, thoughts, feelings and emotions, so it’s way easier for them to let go of weird energies they picked up along the way.

Clever animals huh?
They just sense the other animal with all it’s energies, and whatever they picked up, they
I wonder what would happen if everyone just consciously shaked off all the charge of the points of view and judgment we picked up from others. They are NOT yours… at all :-).

For instance:

  • At home, while getting out of bed when you wake up heavy… did you pick it up? From you partner, kids, neighbors?
  • At work, basically… all the time 🙂 Especially after heavy/charged meetings, where judgment just get’s smashed across the table. When you felt a bit restless and uneasy during the talk or afterwards… did you pick it up from your colleagues?
  • When traveling, and all of a sudden you have this tremendous headache… Did you pick it up from someone at the bus stop?
  • When getting home after comforting a friend in a somewhat sad, depressed, miserable ‘charged’ situation, and after the talk they felt great and you felt weird… Huh, funny… did you pick up and take over their thunder cloud?

So, Question:
How many positive-negative thunder clouds are you carrying around, picked up whenever and wherever?
Do you seriously think and believe that all of that  is yours because, just you are experiencing it now?
It doesn’t even matter when, where, from who or how you picked it up… you just did.
Just acknowledge it when you sense that you picked up a weird charge from someone and consciously let it go.

Here’s a Tool to deal with this consciously:

When stuck in a thundercloud, just ask: Who does this belong to?
– and don’t go in your mind to try to figure it out 🙂 – just notice what happens to the thundercloud…
If it ‘lights up’, if the energy shifts or changes, it’s basically an acknowledgement that you just picked it up somewhere alone the way. That’s your energy talking.

You can shake off everything you were or did to make it yours and Return to Sender, with Consciousness attached – creating space for you.

HUH? Why would you return that thundercloud to sender? What’s that about?

We all pick up each others light ánd heavy stuff all the time. Mostly unaware.
Some people tend to do it more than others and there’s no good or bad in that.

All these things we keep on picking up have been passed on and kept in existence for so long – who the heck knows wherever it came from?
So, it’s not even really important to cognitively know where ever it came from.
You can just acknowledge you picked it up and CHOOSE to STOP making it yours.

When you get aware of picking up other peoples trash and heaviness up all the time, wouldn’t it be cool to include them in that realization? So they don’t have to be stuck in everything they have picked up from others, who have again picked it up from others, who have picked it up from others… etc.?
This is not about saving the world. It’s just about creating a change here.

dominoes isolated on white as an abstract management concept for a solution

Consciousness will do it’s work when people choose it.

For example: “Wow, I’m picking up other peoples stuff and heaviness all the time. I’m kinda done with that. They can choose it, I won’t. Thank you very much.”

When one person stops the constant domino-effect of taking on other peoples thunderclouds and heaviness and Return that whole heavy, row of domino stones to sender, that whole row – to wherever to came from – has the possibility to pick THAT change up as well, and become aware of it.

It doesn’t require figuring it out… It kinda works… like Magic 🙂 POOF!

It’s NO hard work… All you have to do is think or say:
“Everything this (…thundercloud…) is, Return to Sender with Consciousness attached”

BAM! You just just did it.
You have reversed the Domino effect and Consciously created Change.
How cool is that?
When you do that, all those people can realize and become aware of the fact they pick up other people thunderclouds, sadness, tiredness, heaviness and other ‘charged’ energies.

Every now and then you might pick up on a thundercloud and carry it along for as long as you will.

What if most of the thunderclouds you think is YOU, is actually stuff you have picked up? Wherever, whenever… It doesn’t matter. Everyone can change their heavy thunderclouds, if they are willing to have and BE more Space and Clear Skies 😉

I wonder what would happen to the planet and the weather if the people on earth would not function from electrical thunderclouds anymore… Ever noticed that people get charged and heavy when the weather goes ‘bad’? Does the weather judge or have a positive or negative point of view?
Would the weather actually pick up on US and Change to more blue skies and space, less thunderclouds and rain to actually let the sun come though and Shine?

It’s all connected… What change could that create?

So now…
Could you actually have more fun clearing your thunderstorms and creating more space and blue skies for You?

‘Who does this Belong to?’ & ‘Return the Sender with Consciousness attached’ are Access Consciousness® Tools.
Read more about Access Consciousness® on and

Moleculen, Ruimte & Energie…

Vraagje… Hoe ‘psychic’ ben jij werkelijk?

Nee… ik vraag niet of je de toekomst kunt zien in een glazen bol, levenslijnen kan lezen of tarot kaarten kan leggen… 🙂

Al onze zintuigen, of sensoren zitten aan de buitenkant van ons lichaam: ons ogen, oren, neus, mond en huid. De ‘5 Zintuigen’.5 sense

Hoe zit het met dat zogenaamde 6e of ‘subtiele’ zintuig?
Doorgaans is dit onderwerp vrij beladen. Ik vraag me af of het wel zo gek, vreemd of bizar is… 🙂 Wat weet jij?

Is het ‘6e zintuig’ een speciale gave?
Of is het iets dat iedereen heeft? Perceptie? Waarneming? Besef…?

Ik kan niet zo heel veel met vaag en zweverig gepraat. Daar gaat het me dus niet om.
Waar ik wel wat mee kan is het omgaan met wat ik 24 uur per dag merk, voel en waarneem, waarvoor ik tot een jaar geleden geen “tools” had om praktisch mee om te gaan. Is alles om jou heen altijd even fijn en ‘licht’?

Wij en ons lichaam zijn waarnemende organismes… Het woord ‘organisme’ geeft alleen de functionaliteit weer die ik wil beschrijven.

visual_32_33_moleculesWetenschap laat al jaren zien dat we uit ongeveer 0,01% moleculen bestaan en dat de rest ruimte is. Dan bestaan we dus uit meer dan 99% ruimte“HUH? Waarom lijkt alles dan zo vast, zwaar en solide?” Basaal gezien omdat de moleculen zodanig gerangschikt zijn en een bepaalde dichtheid hebben, zodat ze een bepaalde verschijningsvorm aannemen en er zodanig uit zien.

Alleen onder de microscoop al ziet een stukje van onze huid er anders uit zien dan een stuk hout, appel, een druppel water of een stuk metaal… Voor wie vroeger natuur en scheikunde heeft gehad herinnert zich hier misschien wel wat van. Zo niet, ook cool 🙂

De moleculen van het menselijk lichaam bewegen redelijk traag. Het lijkt vast, echter alles beweegt op microniveau. De moleculen van de tafel waar ik aan zit bewegen trager, die van de lucht bewegen veel sneller en de moleculen van de rode wijn in het glas dat op de tafel staat, zitten daar waarschijnlijk qua beweeglijkheid ergens tussen in.
Tussen die trillende bollen zit onwijs veel ruimte die alles lijkt te verbinden…

Is die ruimte tussen de moleculen eindig of oneindig? Is het ‘droge’ ruimte, als het ware vacuüm getrokken en afgesloten? Wat zit er in die ruimte? Wat zit er tussen die moleculen? Een elektromagnetisch spanningsveld waar iedereen zich bewust van is en wat overigens wetenschappelijk meetbaar is in golflengtes en trillingen? Hetgeen je niet zo zeer cognitief kan beredeneren en altijd voelt en oppikt? Van jezelf en van anderen? Energie?

Wat als die ruimte tussen de moleculen van ons lichaam verbonden is met de ruimte tussen de moleculen van de lucht? “02” in wetenschappelijke term… En wat als de ruimte van de lucht weer verbonden is met de ruimte tussen de moleculen van de stoel, of van het glazen raam van het cafe waar ik nu zit? En wat als die ruimte weer verbonden is met


de ruimte tussen de moleculen van de mensen buiten… de moleculen van de bomen, het water, de aarde en zelfs met jou en de moleculen van jouw lichaam…Waar jij je ook ter wereld bevind?

Waar zijn de moleculen van de lucht – en dus ook de ruimte van de lucht – níet boven het aardoppervlak?

Ik kon nooit zoveel met de fluffy blabla over “eenheid”, “alles is één” en andere spirituele gezegdes over eenheid en eenwording. Ik vond het een vaag concept en de doorgaans overmatig positieve lading gaf me ontzettend veel jeuk 🙂

Nu zie ik het veel ‘droger’, informatiever en vraag me af:
Is alles dan toch biochemisch en energetisch ‘verbonden’?
Is de ruimte tussen alle moleculen op deze aardbol niet werkelijk een onschatbaar netwerk? Een voortdurende uitwisseling van Informatie?

Is dat bij ons heel veel anders dan bij dieren? “Brain to Brain Interface”? 
Of dan bij het Autisch Spectrum, bij mensen die alles oppikken met hun enorme gewaarwordingsspan die de hele wereld over gaat en waar neemt?
Als het ware… telepathisch? 
Maar… erken dat maar niet, want dat zou wel heel erg bizar zijn… 😉

Laat me wat voorbeelden geven omdat mijn eigenaardige woordgebruik niet geheel standaard is in de huidige moderne taal…

Heb jij vaak al “uit de lucht” opgepikt wat er aan de hand is, of wat er gaat gebeuren? Weet je vooraf of instant wanneer je een ruimte of een situatie binnenstapt wat er gaande is? Zonder dat er verbaal gecommuniceerd wordt over wat er in ieders ‘wereld’ om gaat? Denk je elkaars gedachten?

En wat maakt bijvoorbeeld dat boeren vaak al weten wat voor weer het gaat worden, zonder te kijken op…?
Is dat zweverig? Of gewoon functioneren vanuit ‘weten’ en ‘besef.
Zijn we gewend om daar vanuit te functioneren? Vanuit die lichtheid van besef en gewaarwording?

Zitten  we voortdurend in elkaars hoofd elkaars gedachten te lezen en deze onbewust te ventileren alsof het onze gedachten zijn?

Hier het volgende om jouw Psychic “6th Sense” gaven te ‘testen’…

    • Weet jij vaak al wat andere mensen gaan zeggen als je samen in gesprek bent? Komen de woorden al in jouw hoofd voorbij voordat ze uit hun mond komen?
    • Was jij wel eens blij om weer naar huis te gaan omdat de ‘sfeer’ onprettig of ondraaglijk was (als dikke, zware, dichte, bedrukkende lucht die praktisch tastbaar lijkt) en was het een stuk prettiger voor jou (en je lichaam…) om uit die zware energie te stappen?
    • Heb je wel eens aan iemand gedacht, waarna diegene je vrijwel meteen een berichtje stuurde, opbelde of op een andere manier contact met je op nam? Ook al waren zij aan de andere kant van de wereld… “Nou zeg! Ik dacht net aan je!” Dacht jij aan hun? Of dachten zij aan jou…?
    • Of heb je een zodanig helder verbonden ‘lijntje’, met iemand dat je voortdurend hetzelfde zegt en denkt?

Ik vraag maar… 😉 hoe bewust of gewaar ben jij je van andermans belevingswereld? Van andermans gedachten? Van andermans lichaam?

Hoe bewust ben je je van wat er zich afspeelt in het leven en de energie van alles en iedereen om je heen? Hoe zou het zijn om daar geen speelbal van te zijn maar om het bewust ten voordele te gebruiken?

Men zegt zo vaak “de spanning was bijna te snijden” of “het zat in de lucht dat…”
Laat mij je het volgende vragen… Is dat de ruimte tussen de moleculen die anders geladen is? Zwaarder? Dichter? Minder ruimte?
Wat als die ‘spanningsenergie’ veel tastbaarder is dan hoe we daar doorgaans mee om gaan?
Dat het niet iets onbewusts is dat zomaar komt en hopelijk weer gaat, waarvan je praktisch niet weet wat je er nou precies aan kunt doen?

Zou jij met jouw 6th sense alles om je heen bewust kunnen waarnemen (of ‘voelen’) en zodanig kunnen bewerken?

Wanneer heb jij alle troeven in handen? Wanneer jij je bewust of onbewust bent van wat er energetisch en qua spanning gaande is?

Hoe tof zou het zijn om pragmatisch te werken en spelen met jou 6e zintuig?
Als de ruimte, moleculen, energie die jij bent…
Als het bewustzijn dat jij bent…

Hoe ‘psychic’ ben jij werkelijk? 😀
Is ‘psychic’ het nieuwe normaal…?

En… alles wat ik in deze blog beschrijf is niet meer dan een interessante visie… 😉

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Points of view about the weather and other stuff…

Out in the glorious Vondelpark in Amsterdam I wonder what to write today.

It’s so funny to see that the whole world seems to light up when to sun comes out. All of a sudden everybody is happier. It’s almost like the whole earth has sworn an oath to be depressed and heavy when its dark and cold and to be happy when it’s lighter and warmer… LOL! How does it get better than that?

And the ones that haven’t agreed on that, just seem to remain unseen between that charged mass of people, experiencing yet another dark and cold winter, suffering until the first rays of spring sun show themselves…

I probably couldn’t get more poetic than this… could I? 😉

The birds don’t seem to care wether it’s cold or warm. Have you ever seen a unhappy bird flying around? Or is that how humankind would look at it?
I do have to admit that I’m a huge fan of the game “Angry Birds” and find it highly entertaining…

However, birds and animals in general just relocate if they would like to go elsewhere.
Regardless if its right or wrong, they just do what works for them…
Now that’s choice to Be and Do what you would like! l’ll have some of that please! 😀

Anyway… Does that spring/winter thing have to do with that invented mutual agreement of unhappiness when there is rain and no sun?
Is it the Energy of that? That what we don’t really see, nobody seems to be able to grasp and work with? What we feel and are aware of 24 hours a day…?

I even notice that the people that DO enjoy all of life, get agitated by people who abundantly express their relief of finally seeing the sun again. Something like: “Oh lord… there goes the happy spring madness again… Hello!? The sun and other amazingly beautiful things have been here all freaking winter as well! Look around! Where were you for heaven’s sake!?” Kinda funny…

Is it the Energy of what the sun and the green on the trees provide?
I wonder… I really do like it when the trees are green and blossoming. It does make me happy 🙂Greentree&BlossomBanner

Is it just more comfortable for our bodies to be warm? I notice mine does like to be warm…
Some bodies I know even like the weather to be cold or a little more chilly. That’s funny… Mine does too, at times 🙂

I know my point of view creates my reality 🙂
Does yours do the same for you?

The way I would like to see my life, determines how it will show up for me. I pretty much ask and receive.
Maybe not in 5 minutes, though ever since I started looking at it like this, things have changed majorly.

Notice I’m not using the word ‘dramatically’, which I probably would have used before…
Ey… I come from theatre after all 😉 I still love a little DRAMA, though rather as a  conscious choice in stead of a continuous and totally unconscious way of being, that has created my life before. My point of view did create my reality. Cute, not very bright.

I wonder how many points of view actually keep us from enjoying all seasons, to feel good and to be happy all days of the week and anytime each day…

Do you dislike or maybe even hate spring, summer, autumn, winter, hot, warm, cold, weekdays or weekends?4seasons banner

Have you noticed that its most likely the same every year, or every Monday you go to work again after a glorious, free weekend? Of course that would for the ones that work a 9 to 5 job… What I’m actually writing about is those life patterns we all seem to have.
Does the point of view that we do or don’t really like something, actually let’s us create the same thing over and over again?

If that works for you, whatever it is: awesome, keep on doing that 🙂
If it doesn’t: what could you change that would make it more fun?

Some actually enjoy what other don’t enjoy…
Interesting huh? Everybody is different.
It all just seems to be an interesting point of view.
Foto op 27-04-2012 om 21.47
What points of view do you have, creating your reality?
What would you like your life to Be like?
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