Are you twisting your Awareness into a “Feeling?”

Merlijn Wolsink - Feeling - Awareness‘Feeling’ mostly goes heavy in your body.
Just ‘being aware’ of it allows it to stay an awareness.

If you are aware of something and you say “I feel” you make it yours when it isn’t yours and you basically tell your body to hold onto that.

What would happen if you would acknowledge what you are aware of rather than twisting your awareness into a “feeling” that wasn’t even yours in the first place?

Would you rather feel everything around you?
Or simply be aware of it?

Wonder and Wander the Magic in Your Life…?

Merlijn Wolsink - Wonder Magic LifeIf everyone creates their own life… why not Wonder en Wander all the Magic in Your Life?

Where you can Receive Everything? You can Create Anything? Can Practically Play with Consciousness and Energy? Here and Now? Not in some far, far away land of hope and dreams?

If Consciousness would not be an airy-fairy ‘thing’… could it be a gift that you can be to yourself to create your own life? To no longer give that out of hands to some higher power, guide or something that has to be greater than You?

What would it be like to be the Wizard in Your Life?

How is Your Energy Management

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many amazing, inspiring and energetic people! Thank you for showing up in my life. Hoe does it get even better?

Have you noticed that with every encounter or meeting you have, you meet a different energy? Sometimes it’s light and clear, sometimes it’s confusing, unclear and even heavy. Only a phone call with someone who is energetically vague and unclear can create a lot of confusion that bounces like a pingpong ball through the energy of the conversation, leaving you confused afterwards… Do you recognize that?

Merlijn Wolsink - Energy ManagementHow do you manage your energy?

For me, energy is one of the most practical ‘things’ to work with.

When I work with people during classes or in session, I see and notice that every single one of them is hugely aware of energy: all energies that surround them and the energies they are and have available to them. Mostly they only lack the practical awareness and tools to work, create, play with and harmonize all of that, etcetera…

Sometimes, energies are ‘stuck’ or ‘in the way’, preventing them to live a free life.

One thing I know for sure: everything is changeable.
What if in order to change something, all that is required is a shift or change in the energy first?

What happens when you start using energy as a practical tool?

– You can manage thoughts, feelings, emotions and situations in and better, more effective and easier way.
– You are clearer in your communication with yourself, with others and with your own body.
– You can start clearing and cleaning up all the energetic structures when they show up, that don’t move freely – like anger, being overstrained, stress, trauma and other blocks.
– You will be capable to receive more in your life.
– You will be less tired.
– By changing the energy, you are able to change your body, however severe the complaints might seem.
– You are able to ‘energetically create’ – more intuitive, with more ease and clarity.
– You can change situations as if by magic, as you know how to practically change and manage energies.

This is just a general awareness and possibility…
What is possible for you to manage the energies you have available to you? And to create with it?

What would it Be like if the energies of stress, depression, anger, self destruction and other energetic blocks will no longer rule your life?

My first step to changing this for once and for all what the Super relaxing, freeing and magical Access Consciousness Bars® Class. These one-day workshops give you an energetic ‘clean up’ in all area’s of your life and allow you to get rid of the ‘gunk’ that is in the way, without even saying much.
These classes are available all over the world and I have some coming up over the next months as well.

Interested? Check out or my website – mainly in Dutch, some English available as well.

Would you like to let go of what you no longer need?
So you can create what you would like to create?
What would being in charge of managing your energies be like?

Unleashing Your Own Wizard in Your Life?

Why do I show my body to the world?

Merlijn Wolsink by Stef Lohstroh en Isabeau BosscherHow much time do we spend living with our bodies? Our entire lives…?

At a young age we are told to cover our bodies up, dress ourselves appropriately.
And if you don’t have the ‘appropriate’ body size or image you should cover yourself up all the way.
“Don’t show your body. It’s hideous. Put some clothes on.”
Does that contribute to the freedom of living?

I choose not to see bodies as something to be ashamed of.
I choose to stop beating my body and other peoples body down for so called imperfections.
I choose to stop hiding my body, it’s uniqueness, beauty and everything it is.

I’m not saying “go run around naked”… or what would that take? LOL.
Be smart and be aware of where you are and who you are with. What can they receive?
You could make it easy on yourself to not get undressed when people will judge the hell out of you.
And if you’re willing to be judged, receive the judgment and create a change in the world, present the possibility that bodies are to be proud of, to be nurtured, honored and cared for, go ahead…

Not out of rebellion. For the possibility of the greatness of embodiment and vulnerability.

Have you noticed that children have no judgment of their body? They mostly just enjoy it and they touch and show their private parts with no point of view. It’s there and part of their body… why wouldn’t they? When they get older, all thoughts and judgments they have learned, picked up on and created themselves on top of that, sticks in their universe, which will most likely create limitation in their universe, body, the way they function and even how they do business and the ability to receive money.
It’s not who they are originally. All judgments we carry along are extra weight we don’t need.

What if we could create together with our kids? Beyond the perversion of this reality?
What would it be like if they have a different reality with their body? One that supports them and makes having a body a joyful, blissful and pleasant experience? Their own?

Because… how long will they have to live with their bodies? Their whole entire life…?

What if we were to to give kids the information they require? Increase they awareness, ask them questions about what they would like to choose and create?

What if we would let our kids know at early age:
“There are some things you have to be aware of… Touching your body is not wrong. Showing your body is not wrong. Enjoying your body is not wrong. Inside the house you can be yourself, run around naked and touch your body. You could even choose to do that outside, at school and all the other places you go. That is always your choice. Just know… this reality is a little interesting and generally not so kind… People will think and say you are weird, bad, dirty, and inappropriate. Most people won’t like it and they will judge you. When you will grow older you even have the chance to be send to prison for being naked on the street, for showing your body and touching it. It’s considered to be very wrong, which is just a point of view. What would you like to choose? Would you be willing to be aware of what other people will say, think and do? So you can be yourself at anytime? To dress yourself ‘appropriately’ when you ‘have to’ and do what is required for you to be happy with your body?”

I have lived in this reality long enough to know what I’m ‘allowed’ to do or not do. I know when I can push the limits a little or a lot, or not. I’m willing to receive the judgments too. Just judge me. And my body. It’s ok. Because… It’s not really mine anyway and not my body’s either :).

I’m freaking proud of my body. All of it. And I’m working pretty darn intensely at changing all the judgments and insanity that’s still lingering around that are preventing me to fully enjoy living this life.
And living in this reality… requires a body.

Be Proud. Honor. Nurture. Care For. Vitalize. Be Grateful. Enjoy.

If you you had no judgment of your body and other bodies… what would life be like?

How Much Energy Are You Using To Slow Yourself Down?

Merlijn Wolsink blog using energy against yourselfToday I have been looking at what I’m creating in my life. I took a moment to sit down with myself and my business, to get brutally honest and stop running away from what is ‘buzzing in the background’, taking up space in my universe…

“How much energy am I using to slow myself down?”

Most things are fun, some things not so fun. Most things I enjoy doing and creating, and other aspects I really do not enjoy. I’m realizing that I really won’t do the things I don’t wanna do but think I ‘have to’. CUTE. Do you recognize that? Not very bright. So I moved on to the questions:

“Who or what else can I add to my life and business to do this for me? What else can I institute or systemize in a different way, so I have more time, space and energy to create what I truly enjoy creating? What energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be to change, shift and transform all of this with total ease?”

I just love how questions like that create energetically and allow the whole freggin’ universe to rearrange itself.
I wonder what will show up now?

What other Magic with life, money and business can I create?

Do You Have Healing Capacities You Are Not Aware Of?

Merlijn Wolsink Healing Capacities Magic Pain Ok my “healer” and “non healer” friends… WOW.
Once again today, I’ve seen A LOT of healers suffer from their own abilities, taking other peoples energetic garbage in their own bodies and be totally drained, stuffed and heavy at the end of the day.

I don’t even call myself “a healer”, even though I am – in my point of view, everyone IS  – and I’m SO freaking grateful I got to wipe out those systems of taking peoples trash – headaches, pains, energies, illnesses – into my body. Done with that shit. People kill their bodies with that you know?

If you are often tired, ill or in pain, you might as well get clear on if you are using certain capacities “to heal” against yourself. You don’t need to be a freggin significant “woo woo healer” to get clear on that. 

What capacities “to heal” yourself and others have you not acknowledged yet?

A healthy, clean and aware body requires a healthy, clear and aware being living in it and with it.
What would you rather be?
Healthy, Clear and Aware?
Or Suffering Pain and Illnesses?

Love you all my healer and “non healer” friends!  Take care of your bodies!
And… How does it get better?

Talk To The Entities in Nederland…

Mijn werk met Talk To The Entities is tot nu toe SUPER dynamisch geweest.
De resultaten na het werken met mijn cliënten en workshop deelnemers zijn elke keer weer wonderlijk, resulterend in een veel betere gezondheid, minder fysieke en mentale klachten, meer mogelijkheden en levensvreugde…

Ik heb veranderingen gezien die deze realiteit ontkent en uitsluit, door op een praktische manier iemand iemands bewustzijn subtiel open te breken en te vergroten.

Met name bij kinderen heb ik levensveranderende situaties mogen aanschouwen. Ik heb hele gezinssituatie zien veranderen, omdat de kiddo’s opeens om kunnen gaan met wat ze benauwd, wakker houdt ‘s nacht en zelf alle energieën met gemak de baas kunnen zijn, zodat het hele gezin weer met plezier kan functioneren.

En dat met wat simpele tools en informatie die ze voorheen niet hadden.
Praktisch en zonder ‘gezweef’.

Ook een client die in een psychiatrische inrichting zat is niet meer ‘gek’ en functioneert weer ‘normaal’, is fysiek gezonder en leeft een totaal ander leven dan een jaar geleden.

Wat als iets wat een mentale of fysieke klacht lijkt te zijn, werkelijk een talent en een mogelijkheid is?

Met trots presenteer ik de eerste twee TTTE Intro Avonden en 2,5 Dag Workshops
in Dordrecht, 19, 20 en 21 sept.
en Amsterdam, 24, 25 en 26 okt.

Meer info? Je weet me te vinden…
Hoe wordt het nog beter?!?

Talk To The Entities Merlijn Wolsink Praten met Entiteiten

Gebruik jij jouw talenten in je voordeel? Een andere kijk op ‘healing’…

Heel mijn leven lang had ik allerhande vreemde klachten. Psychologisch en fysiek was het vaak een struggle om te functioneren en om er überhaupt te zijn, omdat er altijd wat ‘aan de hand’ was.

Depressie, pijn, vage klachten waar medici geen antwoord of oplossing voor hadden, enzovoorts…

Toen ik in aanraking kwam met Access Consciousness® werd mij hoe langer hoe duidelijker dat dit mijn eigen gaven waren die ik onbewust tegen mezelf gebruikte… Ik had er geen idee van!

Mijn lichaam en ik hebben de gave om pijn en ziekte van anderen over te nemen, te helen, ‘healen’ door het als het ware op te zuigen… *Sluuuuuurp!*
Ja, redelijk bizar. Ik heb er geen reden voor, ik kan het nou eenmaal.

Zoals je je wellicht voor kan stellen is het lang niet altijd even fijn om met andermans klachten rond te lopen. Het is zwaar, het neemt veel ruimte op in mijn eigen zijn en het creert ronduit vreemde dingen in mijn lichaam. En… het is niet van mij…

Misschien herken je het wel…? Dat je anderen ‘heelt’ waar je zelf bij staat? Ongeacht of je het nou wel of niet door hebt?

Daar is op zich niets mis mee… ik zie het als een talent. Echter als je het onbewust doet kan het zich uitwerken in onwenselijke situaties… Psychologisch en fysiek.

Hoe ging ik dit in mijn voordeel gebruiken?

Niemand had mij dit ooit verteld dat ik hiertoe in staat was totdat men het er tijdens de Access seminars er over had. Het was alsof het licht aan ging! “OH WOW, dus dát doe ik heel mijn leven al! Kan ik dit veranderen?” Ja, dat kan…

Eindelijk kon ik erkennen dat die vaardigheid buiten gewoon snel gaat, sneller dat dat mijn gedachten kunnen bevatten. Vaak had mijn lijf de klacht of die energie al opgezogen, gedupliceerd en vastgezet. *POOF* Bleh… Auw! Misselijk… Pijn! En ik maar denken dat het allemaal van mij was…

Gelukkig heb ik mezelf met simpele tools kunnen trainen om te herkennen wanneer dit gaande is en de auto-piloot te doorbreken, zodat ik bewust kan kiezen wat er mee te doen.

Nu is het een handige indicator als ik met cliënten werk, om te weten wat er gaande is in andermans lichaam en psyche, zodat ik de klacht niet over hoef te nemen maar samen met de client bewust kan veranderen.
Ik kan wel doorlopend de hele wereld helen, echter als al die andere personen zelf nietbeseffen wat er gaande is, zullen ze die klachten onbewust blijven creëren en in stand houden. Dan is het als water naar de zee dragen…
En… geen vraag om heling = geen heling…

Nu is het vaak niet meer dan informatie die ik oppik:
“Ah, een beetje pijn daar… een beetje misselijkheid daar… een beetje depressie daar…”

Ik ben me er dus nog wel bewust van. Mijn lijf laat het maar al te goed merken en ik hoef het niet meer vast te zetten omdat ik weet hoe ik er mee om kan gaan.
Hoe wordt het beter dan dat?

merlijn wolsink

Bijvoorbeeld, van de week stond ik op het trein perron te wachten op mijn trein. Mijn bekkengebied begon te tintelen en te vernauwen, wat mijn hele lichaam op spanning zette. Een vreemd gevoel…

In plaats van in conclusie te gaan “Bah, ik voel me niet lekker” vroeg ik mijn lichaam: “Ok lichaam… wat is dit? Wat zijn we aan het doen?” Mijn oog viel meteen op een een paar mensen die samen met mij op het perron stonden.
Bewust van mijn ‘talent’ vroeg ik weer: “Zijn we onszelf aan het helen of al deze andere mensen?” De respons was: “al deze andere mensen”.

Hoe wist ik dat? Weten is sneller dan denken… Het was het eerste wat in me op kwam en het was ‘licht’.

Ik heb m’n lichaam bedankt voor de informatie, heb het gevraagd ermee te stoppen en om het los te laten. Meteen kwam mijn lijf weer tot rust en ik voelde al die ‘energie wolken’ mijn lichaam weer verlaten. “Ahh… ruimte… da’s beter!” Mijn lijf werd er ook blij van 🙂

Wat die mensen op het perron betreft: ik vraag me af hoeveel pijn, ziekte en ongemakken van anderen zij bij zich dragen… Wat is er nog meer mogelijk?

Ons bewustzijn en potentie is veel groter dan dat we ons bewust beseffen…
Hoe bewuster je bent en erkent waar je toe in staat bent, hoe magischer het leven wordt…

Hoe zou het zijn om jouw helende talenten in je voordeel te gebruiken… in plaats van in je nadeel? Wat weet jij?

1…2…3… Discover your own Wizard

While preparing for my move to another city, I again realized how ‘in tune’ I am with our planet… I JUST CANNOT DENY OR IGNORE IT ANY LONGER!
It might sound bizarre… I didn’t recognize it for years, I was completely unaware of it and I just didn’t get why I just felt so incredibly weary dreary…

Last week I fell for it again while intensively packing, organizing my moving boxes, with massive thunderstorms and rain going on outside.
It seemed like I was on a turbulent airplane, with very non-stop high air pressure…
I couldn’t really grasp what was going on anymore and just went on being busy… until I was out on my balcony that evening, witnessing yet another rainstorm…

I wondered… “Hm… what is it that I’m so restless? What the heck is this?”
Instantaneously I got the awareness of the earth being restless and moving, and that I might be asking for a contribution of whatever energy…
I did some so called ‘1-2-3s’ to the earth; gathering all energy, heaviness and density you have available between your hands, to then just chuck it away like an energetic atom bomb, as a contribution to the earth.
It might sound a little airy, though when practically done like this it often works like Magic 😉 *POOF*

Immediately my body relaxed and I got lightheaded… so intensely that I as most fell over :D.
I had been carrying that whole intense thundercloud along for days already, thinking it was part of my move. ‘Thinking’ is cute… not so bright 🙂

Well, so that happens when you’re not being with it for a second, or more… 😛
A couple of 1-2-3 To the earth changed everything.
With way more space I could go with disconnecting the washing machine 🙂

All molecules, particles and energy in the universe are connected…
The earth will pull and push as long as it takes for us to listen – to be and receive a contribution…
The earth it doesn’t even seem to matter what kind of energy we contribute… energy is energy.
As long as it receives some energy from us, in stead of us only taking and consuming energy from it.

I can jump as high and low as I possibly can… If I wouldn’t have acknowledged that I AS WELL am connected to THE WHOLE WORLD, my life would have looked way different by now… and I can tell you, it probably wouldn’t have been half as pleasant…

So, my question to you: What if you would acknowledge your connection to our planet? And consciously contribute to it with some energy even now and then?

TOOL: 1-2-3 to the Earth

When you’re feeling dreary and heavy and don’t know what to do…
Gather all weird energies and heaviness in your body between your hands…
1… 2… 3! To the earth and repeat until you feel lighter again 🙂
Discover your own Wizard 😉

*1-2-3 is an Access Consciouness® tool