#gentlereminder ✨ The willingness to change anything at anytime is such a great gift All it takes is choice No fanfare No big production No trauma and drama No insanity No judgment No separation Simply… #Choice ✨ Even though all of the above are just a choice too πŸ˜‰  


Today I got home. Soaked from walking through the rain I stepped foot Into my house. I hang up my coat, turned on the lights, unpacked my suitcase, looked around and saw myself in the mirror: peaceful Im happy Loving my crazy ever expanding life, with all the good bad and ugly, in this sometimes… Read More Happy


Somehow this image makes me a little melancholic AND very alive! It reminds me of the time I was sitting in the window to possibilities, all in ‘black’ πŸ™‚ β€˜Weirdo’ in hiding, dallying around… ‘not knowing’ what to do or what to be…. Did I ever wait for things to come to me? Hm… not… Read More WEIRD

What JOY can you BE…?

I wonder…? And guess what… It’s a Choice my Sweet friends! Just keep choosing it! Choice by choice… Moment by moment… And what if we were not to judge ourselves for not being Joy and Happy all the time? Just saying…Β πŸ˜‰ Never give up! YOUR choice will create! βœ¨β˜€οΈπŸ’›πŸ•Š #choosejoyΒ #choosehappyΒ #choicebychoice#liftyouup


Loving up my Body ❀️ It loves to stretch, move and… to Be on the Rope!Β πŸ˜„βž° In 2008 I discovered this amazing stretch technique in New York City. It’s SO gentle and it loosens up and strengthens my body at the same time πŸ’ͺ🏻 So glad to be visiting the Big Apple again soon!! What else… Read More #Bodyloving