Foundation is just the beginning… what is it about?

Today I was talking with some peeps that have taken the Access Foundation Class with me ✨ and I’m getting ready for a new Foundation Class starting in two days ✨ and sign ups are coming in for my upcoming classes! 🙏🏻✨ So, so very honored to work with all these amazing people! ❤️ People ask we what Foundation Class is… Read More Foundation is just the beginning… what is it about?

I Love Bodies

Lovely mornings and afternoons these weeks with all these Amazing people on my body work table 🙌🏻✨💪🏻✨ I love bodies ❤️ Working with them, body processing them, assisting them to stretch, build up strength, release and change pain, trauma and injury… Changes get created so fast when people allow the organic chaos in their bodies to create… Read More I Love Bodies


What if… you could… Keep your own SPACE Be it Don’t contract Don’t go into the intensity of the drama Just acknowledge it, you can’t change what has happened Every judgment you add now, will create more of it for the future Every charged energy you give to the insanity, will make that reality more… Read More #BeTheSpace