Enthusiasm and Excitement for Life

Oh my… What a wonderful Foundation Class in Amsterdam, with so many happy and glowing faces! Look at them! ✨😍

Big shifts and changes during these four days and lots of Body Work. I love including the body in all of it. Releasing the judgments.

Such kindness, ease, peace, enthusiasm and excitement for life…

So grateful for all participants! And their willingness to Be, to Change what doesn’t work and to Create✨

Not to mention my Magic Movement ClassΒ πŸ‘―Most loved it and ask for more and some hated it 😜13412940_10153503687285736_4896881945572704695_n

The Access Tools work. Thank youΒ GaryΒ & Dain for creating these amazing Access classes and for making this available on the planet
Special thanks to sweetΒ CrystelΒ for hosting and translating,Β SuzanneΒ andΒ Jacky for contributing andΒ ElisabethΒ for translating!Β πŸ’–My next Foundation Classes coming up: next month July 6-10 in Germany, Überlingen! And in The Netherlands: Drenthe/Assen in August, Dordrecht in September & Scheveningen in December!Β πŸŽ‰πŸš€


What else IS Possible? ✨☘


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