Bittersweet Aliveness

Do you know those moments, when you are just so incredibly happy to be alive…?
Today has been one of those days, only I realized it when the day was nearly over.

I woke up like my muscles and bodily tissues had been growing all night long, which probably they did. My body had a gentle vibration, alive and peaceful and all invigorated.

That aliveness… It had a bittersweetness to it…
I wonder what words to put to this…

I’ve thought for so long that asking and asking for what you desire was a bad of selfish thing.
I’ve thought for so long that having a body was somehow, not right and a curse.
i’ve thought for so long that I am the only one having my back.

None of that was true.

Thanks to me for tenaciously asking questions and knowing the power of my choices. And thanks to the universe for showing me.

I’ve been asking for certain things. I’m seeing it all show up, in funny ways. Mostly, what I could be receiving is so different and so much greater than I would have imagined.
Sometimes it’s so great, that receiving it pretty much hurts… it makes me wanna scream and it just brings me to tears.

I’ve started to really allow myself to wonder again, going through the day.
Sometimes I spend full days wondering, seeing the beauty in everything, in everyone…
Sometimes it’s so intensely beautiful, I have to cry a tear or two, or three…

Those days I generally do not feeling very productive. I wonder if that is actually true or not.
There is this knowing that these moments are required for me to touch in with the space I am, with Me, my magic and what I’m choosing and creating.

Gosh, I’m so happy to be alive.
I’m so glad my body is.
I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow.

I hope you are happy to be alive too and for having your body along for the ride.

Gnite world
Gnite universe
Gnite body

Thank you for being

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