What is Power & Potency?

Merlijn WolsinkOEH YEAY! On my way to LONDON Baby!

The SPARKS have been FLYING OFF my hands and my computer for the last week…
That was yet another fun experience. LOL.
So funny how we all are so aware of the past AND the future… I’m getting the sense that this weekends class with Dr. Dain Heer will just kinda rock my universe  

I never really got what energy and power was… let alone potency.
POWER in this reality is usually used as having power over others, mainly used to control, which doesn’t have to be.
POTENCY is the power comes from inside out: Your Being.
It’s your Own Power, the Energetic Capacity you are in essence. It’s just ‘a little’ veiled by everything we’ve learned that totally goes against that…
Have you seen the movie “LUCY”? Or… “The Matrix”, “Harry Potter”, “Avatar”, or even some ‘fantasy’ movies like “Maleficent”?
Where all characters involved get to explore their OWN natural strength and capacities?

It’s here… you can have and BE it too. Without having to use chemicals 
What else is possible BEYOND life as is currently is? Here? Now?

Wanna play? And create some more Magic in Your Life…? For no one other than… You? 

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