Merlijn Wolsink - Change DepressionGood morning lovelies all over the world! How can I inspire you today? 

How aware are you today?
If today you got up fighting yet another depression, migraine, heaviness or anything else that seems insurmountable… Would you be willing to ask… “Who does this belong to?” or “who the **** does this belong to?” 
If it lightens up or changes in any tiny way, it’s NOT yours. 

Just that you are Aware and you have Always been aware of other peoples shit, junk, unhappiness, disease etc. does not mean it was yours to start with. Just because it might be kinda programmed in your body and feel sooooo real, does not mean that it has to stay. AND you CAN’T FIX something that is not yours.
So… If you are willing to start clearing this: “UnCreate & Destroy where I made this mine and return it aaaaall to sender, with consciousness attached.”

Unless you really secretly and deeply Love your depression of course…
What do You know?

Amazing day! 

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