How many people do you meet each day, that… don’t have a body anymore

Merlijn Wolsink - People without bodiesWhat is it that makes you sneeze? Feel nauseous? Makes your eyes sting and burn? Makes you sleepy? Makes you think weird thoughts…? What keeps your kids awake at night…?

Do you live in a busy city? Or in an old house? What if all of a sudden, you feel ‘off’? And you have no idea where it’s coming from?

How many people do you meet every day that… don’t have a body anymore?  How many of those are still on drugs, alcohol or other heavy energies? Do you have any idea how packed old cities are with ghosts and spirits? What still lingers around in old hospitals and buildings that now are offices and apartments? What is still wandering the streets and floating around…?

And you think you are SICK and CRAZY…? 
Well… What if it does have to do something with you…? What if you are way more aware than you think?

It’s all there folks… why not get clear about it for yourself? Get curious…? So YOUR life can be greater and easier?

What else IS possible for health, energy, money and happiness?

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