Letter to a Dear Friend…

Merlijn Wolsink Dr. Kacie Crisp“To my dear friend and magic worker Dr. Kacie Crisp.

Thank you for showing up in my life, almost 3 years ago by now.
I was about to step out of this life if something better wouldn’t come along. 
Not many people know this. I guess now they do .
And I have chosen to create an amazingly magical life ever since…

The first Access Classes I took with you were like coming home to ME. 
You were so amazingly kind, sweet and caring and your “no point of view universe” allowed me to start clearing the crap out of my world and body and to start choosing, knowing and receiving me. 

I was totally amazed by you and by myself.
What greater gift could I have received?

I would like the world to know how amazing you are. 
I have enjoyed so many of your classes, calls and seminars and gained more of myself every time. If only people knew and were willing to know how amazing you are at facilitating your classes and how much you contribute to everyone that shows up.

Gratitude to you sweet Miss Crisp.
How does it get even better?”

Please know: that was 3 years ago. I’ve found tools to change depression and suicidal emotions for good. It’s amazing what change we are capable of ourselves with awareness and practical tools that work and go beyond the psychological bullshitting What magic is possible? Right here? Right now? 🙂
What if it’s Consciousness you are looking for?


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