Are Your Judging Yourself For Other People’s Madness?

Merlijn Wolsink Judging Yourself for other people's madnessDeary, deary… I HAD TO post this! Interesting Fun!
I meet so many new people at the moment which is Amazing. What’s been occurring and increasing that just me Being Me – without actually doing much or anything at all – triggers most of peoples biggest ‘personal demons’ and insanity… 

They go totally mad and cookoo in just a couple of seconds and they seem to have NO sense of whats going on! You can so clearly see that energy totally take over their presence and I just see them loose themselves and disappear in anger or some other energetic pattern. I used to get upset about that cause I thought there was something wrong with me when others would go cookoo. You might even recognize this yourself: “Why are you being Insane to me? What did I do wrong?” LOL. CUTE!

What if you were never wrong! When people go nuts, they go nuts!
So grateful for all the Kick Ass Access® Tools to deal with… well… kinda everything 

Now I mostly just smile and wonder “Wow… How does it get better than that?” 

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