Being Self Empowered

By Merlijn 🙂

Wowzers… Renée’s Blog yesterday surely stirred the pot!
Yes, Renée take on the whole story was pretty direct and pretty clear on how things seem to work these days, and how people unconsciously function according to the point of view of this reality. How the medical en psychiatric care functions and how the people onder their wings function along with that, mostly with ‘no-choice’.

It seemingly brought up A LOT for A LOT of people who read it and I’m so extremely grateful for all your responses, points of view and questions! By phone, e-mail, private messages and especially those who were daring to write a comment below the Facebook post. Thank you!
You see, that is what creates a REAL CHANGE in the world. Being willing to open up a conversation en just look at stuff.
So… what else is possible?

Lots of people expressed their sadness.

To be quite honest, while reading the Blog myself, it made me sad at first.
And you know why? While stepping into Empowerment and demanding a more conscious life I continuously ridge up against all kinds of ways that I have made me smaller and less valuable than others or something else, according to the world we live in.
All the projections, conclusions, judgments, points of view of who and what I am that I have made real and true for me.
It does make me sad and it often even brings up a tear that I have -unconsciously- chosen to do that, thinking I didn’t have a choice 🙂

“You are this…” “You are that…” “You have this…” ” You have that…” ” You can’t change this…” “You’ll have to live with this…” “That is good for you” ” That is bad for you”…
Seriously…? Based on who’s point of view, judgment or conclusion?
What do YOU KNOW about YOU and YOUR BODY?

That awareness get clearer all the time. It can be razor-sharp and even painful to realize how unkind I have been to me, by making all of that TRUE for me, where that wasn’t true for me in the first place… That is what makes me sad at times.
I acknowledge that, let it be and I get over it. HOPPA!
“What can I choose now? Other than that?”

Acknowledging Choice is very powerful thing, as it empowers you to be the creator of your own reality.
Maybe a little uncomfortable at first and it becomes more and more fun to let your choice create your reality.

DONE. That is my choice 🙂
I’m done with being a victim and with having no choice.
As well, my ‘no-choice’ and victimization sticks all the people around me and creates unconscious control over them and their lives…
I’m not choosing that.
I love to receive everyones contribution to me out of choice, not out of being powerless.
That brings me and them way more joy as well.

I choose to have choice. And.. I LOVE IT!
It gives me space, freedom, lightness, possibility and control when needed.
It gives me the choice to be a contribution to others and to receive contribution out of gratitude.

I am the leader of my life.
Everyone else can keep on telling me how ‘small’, helpless, stupid an miserable I am… and I choose to not make that real for me anymore, because really…
What if we are as great and powerful as we choose to be ourselves?
However ‘big’ or ‘small’ that might be? As that is just a point of view as well… 🙂
What would it be like if everyone could enlarge or belittle their own potential out of choice?
What if there is nothing wrong with whatever choice?
What if no choice you ever made was ever wrong?
Choose, and choose again if you don’t like it anymore 🙂

And YES, I still ask others for help and guidance too, as I’m no where near to where I would like to be yet… though I’m on my way…
I ask for more each day, for me and for the world.
We are NOW having to deal with how we are NOW with all our baggage, which can lighten up as slowly or as fast as we like.
That is why I go with Empowerment. Empowering to own potential.

Each conclusion about who or what you are, that you lock into your world, becomes true for you.
Becomes true… Not IS true. What if every things is a choice and a creation? And what if you can un-create and choose differently?

What would it be like to be totally self empowered? To have own choice and no need for physical and psychological support? What would that be like as a reality? I wonder… 🙂

Please know, you have the choice to choose.
Your point of view creates your reality.
What would you like to choose and create? For you?

How magical can you be when being self-empowered?

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